Cathy Hummels is completely changed

Cathy Hummels presents a completely new look on Instagram.

However, some fans have difficulty recognizing the influencer. / Cathy Hummels is completely changed

Hard weeks lie behind Cathy Hummels. The rumor mill was churning. Have she and husband Mats Hummels split up or not? There is still no clarity. Nevertheless, the 34-year-old longs for change and publishes a new Instagram picture of herself. In doing so, she presents her almost 700,000 followers with a whole new side of herself. While there has been much praise for the type change, some fans have had issues with it.

Just a few days ago, the “Battle of the Reality Stars” presenter showed herself completely without make-up. Now she shares the complete opposite: Cathy has dressed up, but her face has changed. She shows off her freckles, her eyebrows are made up more prominently and her lips look fuller. The applied lip gloss reinforces this impression.

“I’m making a fresh start,” the influencer confidently announces in the caption of the post. She explains directly which areas of her life this should affect. It goes on to say: “Mental, physical and visual. Cathy 2.0!”

“You look like a total stranger”

And many of her fans think this Cathy Hummels update is great and compliment her on the new pictures. “Wow, what freckles do,” says one user. “Looks great, Cathy,” says another. And someone else is of the same opinion: “You were beautiful before and now you are stunningly beautiful. Just awesome!”

But despite the positive feedback, other users are less impressed. “Quite pretty, but you look kinda totally alien… And it’s not because of the freckles,” muses one. “Oh no, please the normal look,” wishes another. Another comment on the type change is: “Unfortunately, your eyebrows don’t suit you at all.” But even this criticism should not matter to the new Cathy.

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