Chelsea break England record with Enzo Fernandez transfer!

Chelsea have completed the transfer of 22-year-old Enzo Fernandez, whom they have been chasing for a long time and who was selected as the best young player of the World Cup, for a record fee in the last hours.

Breaking out of the championship race in the English Premier League, Chelsea spent a total of 609 million Euros in the summer and interim transfer period to renew the squad. The London team signed Enzo Fernandez from Benfica on the last day of the transfer.

Chelsea paid 125 million euros for the 22-year-old Argentinean player. This transfer broke records as the most expensive transfer in English football history. The previous most expensive transfer in the island country was Manchester City, which bought Jack Grealish from Aston Villa for 117 million euros. Fernandez, who won the World Cup with Argentina, and Chelsea agreed on an 8.5-year contract.

Chelsea, who has been after the player for a long time, the number that Benfica wanted came out on the last day and added the player to their staff. Benfica also removed Enzo Fernandez from the player list on the club’s website.

Chelsea also announced the transfer, in a sense, by replacing its profile on Twitter with the Argentine flag and trophy emoji.

Enzo Fernandez, who won the World Cup with the Argentina National Team, was selected as the best young player of the tournament.

River Plate Got Rich Too

River Plate, which sent Enzo Fernandez to Benfica for 14 million Euros in July 2022, filled its case with a 25 percent share from the next sale it added to the agreement.

The Argentine giant will earn 31 million euros, as a 25 percent stake, with Benfica’s sale of Fernandez to Chelsea.


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