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Che tattooed president to Beşiktaş ! Who is Hurser Tekinoktay?

Who is the strong name of the opposition in Beşiktaş, Tekinoktay, who came to the fore in the fight for Fulya Project and is well known by the community?

At the regular election congress of Beşiktaş to be held in 2019, a surprise name came to the fore for the presidency:

Hurser Tekinoktay (born 31 July 1960) is a Turkish football trainer. He grew up in Besiktas and played for its youth team. He is fluent in Italian and English. He graduated from the College of Marmara Science Section.

He worked as an intern at the Club of Lazio on 1993-1994 season in Italy. He started his career that season. He is one of the new generation trainers in Turkey. Many of his students played in different national teams of Turkey:

Nihat Kahveci, one of his best players, was playing in Spain. Tolga Seyhan in Ukraine and Hasan Kabze in Russia are other examples of his footballers playing abroad.

Besiktas JK
With Besiktas, he trained many famous players. National level trainees include Yasin Sülün, Mesut Kumcuoğlu, Aydın Tuna, Tunç Kip, Savaş Kaya, Barbaros Yavasoglu, Yalcin Ayhan, Ali Cansun Bigecaslan and Nihat Kahveci. He was second trainer of Nevio Scala in the season 2000-2001.

Hürser Tekinoktay and the Legend of Dardanelspor

After his duty in Besiktas JK, he started to work as the first trainer in Canakkale Dardanelspor in 2001. At that time Dardanelspor was at the TFF First Division. During his duty in Canakkale Dardanelspor he trained players such as Okan Koç, Tolga Seyhan, Gökhan Zan, Hasan Kabze, Mehmet Cogum, Fevzi Elmas, Ilkem Özkaynak, Ufuk Ates, Sinan Ertan, Unsal Aka, Mehmet Sen, Emirhan Ozdemir and Murat Önür.

Team results / BJK Istanbul
1995 Champion at United Nations Tournament.
1996 Berlin Champion at C Youth Tournament.
1997 Stuttgart Semifinal at 26th International Ergenzingen Tournament.
1998 Istanbul Champion at B Youth Group and A Youth Group.
1999-2000 Champion at Super Youth League.
1995-2000 Between these years 234 Win of 269 Official and Friendly matches at Besiktas.

Canakkale Dardanelspor
2001- 2002 Season last 16 with Canakkale Dardanelspor at Turkey Cup .
2001- 2002 ve 2002-2003 At these seasons 33 Win of 72 Official and Friendly matches.

Unprecedented Matches in World History

Dardanelspor played incredible matches during the period of Tekinoktay, who served as the coach of Çanakkale Dardanelspor in the 2001-2002 season in 2A, the current name of which is the TFF 1.League.

One of them was Çanakkale Dardanelspor-Erzurumspor match played on 28 October 2001.

Despite the referee’s unfair dismissal of the players in the match, which was understood to have been arranged by the referee before the match, Dardanelspor won the match and months later, the phone calls made with the referee before the match for Erzurumspor to win were deciphered by being caught in the DGM listening records.

Here are the images of that historical match;

Nevio Scala and Tekinoktay worked together

Nevio Scala’s arrival as Beşiktaş Club Technical Director in the 2000-2001 Season, although they were together for a period of 1.5 months, he could not fulfill his duty as a translator due to the continuation of his coaching contract at BJK Club.

Che tattooed president to Beşiktaş
Beşiktaş presidential candidate Hürser Tekinoktay draws attention with his Che Guevara tattoo on his arm.

Tekinoktay is also known for his admiration for the revolutionary leader Che and Cuba, who adorned Beşiktaş fans’ flags, t-shirts and scarves.

Successful business life
Hürser Tekinoktay, the owner of the world-famous travel agency World Travel Service (WTS), the official tour operator partner of Emirates and FIFA, is very successful in business life as well as in his sports career.
The company, which he started as a guide in Italy and as a result of his experience, became a first in the world after the dollar crisis in the past few days, and started selling Miami vacations to Americans in Turkish Lira. The company, which is known for its domestic, international, educational and sports tours, is also known to organize many organizations around the world.

Child Friendly Prices and Summer Camp Abroad

The company, which broke new ground in the world with its child-friendly price concept, also has Sports Camps services abroad.

Among the services the company provides for young people is WTS Summer Camps, a summer camp called. For the first time in Turkey, the service to children has not been forgotten with Summer Camps Abroad and Summer Schools Abroad.

Tekinoktay’s competitive side from sports is also reflected in the company policy.
Tekinoktay’s company is perhaps the only tourism company in the world that works with the best service and money back guarantee. It is noteworthy that the company competes with both and the hotels’ own sales prices.

WTS, which is the sole authority of Emirates’ Dubai accommodation, is also known as the agency that takes the most tourists from Turkey to the Maldives from Turkey.

WTS, the representative of the most prestigious hotels in the world, is also the only one in Turkey for IMG Worlds of Adventure and Dubai Parks and Resorts, the world’s largest indoor and outdoor theme parks in Dubai, with 55 points on the route of its Official Partner Emirates and Dubai Stop Over products. authorized sales agent.

WTS shares its most ambitious experiences with Honeymooners in the most luxurious hotels of many tropical islands such as Maldives, Bali, Seychelles and Mauritius, which are popular tourism centers of the world; With its local offices in the Far East, Latin America, Cuba, as well as Greece and the Greek Islands, Austria, Spain, Italy, Greece, France, England, Switzerland, Germany, and all over Europe, India, Japan, Latin and North America. It provides 24-hour service.

Dorchester & Kempinski & Versace & Armani, Constance, Lux Resorts Hotels are among the business partners of the company.

With a new project in the concept of “WTS Luxury Collection”, the company offers the highest level of comfort at the best price in a very few elite hotels in the world, and offers exclusive service gifts to all its guests.

In addition, the company, which has been organizing events for all sports events with the guarantee of match tickets for El Clasico, the number one football festival in the world, along with all sports competitions in the Premier League, Serie A, Ligue 1, Champions League, NBA and America, and especially La Liga. He is also the Honorary Consul of the Cuban Embassy in Istanbul.

Our esteemed young people will be able to receive university education in Greece, the homeland of famous philosophers and scientists, and will have the chance to compete on equal terms with a world-class education.”

University Education Abroad.
Another field of activity of WTS is the university education service in Greece, which it provides as WTS Education. It also provides young people who want to study outside of Turkey, the chance to get a university education in Greece, the homeland of famous philosophers and scientists, and to compete on equal terms with a world-class education.

A family man who is a fan of Atatürk
It is known that Hürser Tekinoktay, who does not want to come to the fore with his general life, is married and has a daughter.

Especially on his social media accounts, pictures of him visiting Atatürk with his daughter every Republic Day draw attention.

Tekinoktay: My target is the Champions League


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