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Lufthansa is canceling almost all flights in Frankfurt and Munich tomorrow

Due to the strike by Lufthansa ground staff, the airline is canceling almost all flights to and from Frankfurt and Munich on Wednesday.

Lufthansa almost stopped air traffic on Wednesday in Munich and Frankfurt because of the warning strike by its ground staff. “Lufthansa has to cancel almost the entire flight program at the hubs in Frankfurt and Munich for Wednesday,” the airline announced on Tuesday.

The warning strike announced by the Verdi union in the collective bargaining conflict has massive effects during the peak travel season. According to the company, a total of 678 flights have to be canceled in Frankfurt, 32 of them on Tuesday and 646 on Wednesday. 92,000 passengers are expected to be affected.

A total of 345 flights would have to be canceled at the hub in Munich, 15 of them on Tuesday and 330 on Wednesday. 42,000 passengers are expected to be affected.” “The early escalation after just two days of negotiations in a collective bargaining round that has so far been constructive is causing enormous damage,” said Lufthansa HR Director Michael Niggemann. Individual flight cancellations and delays are still possible on Thursday and Friday.

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