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Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton: Triumph for the kid from Stevenage / Breaking News

Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton refuted his second world title accused of losing key moments in the nerves.

On the way to the triumph of the Mercedes driver tried multiple stops with his family. / Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton

Maybe it was meaningful and important that his family had come after all. The whole day in Abu Dhabi had Lewis Hamilton says, no, none of its members will be there – and then they appeared just before the start but on: The father Anthony, stepmother Linda, brother Nicolas and girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger trembled in the box with, as the 29-year-old Briton safely and confidently drove to his second world title.

A technical problem at its Mercedes prevented his rival Nico Rosberg in being able to really fight to the end. However, there was not a single expert in the paddock, the Hamilton not earned world champion held: “Eleven to five wins, since you do not really need to continue to talk,” said RTL expert Christian Danner. Also Rosberg admitted: “Throughout the year has seen the Lewis made a little bit better job – in the race was for me always a little something missing in the last part of the season, although I was a little more in qualifying.”

Massive technical problems hindered both the number of race was at the end of the same – three times was something wrong in one of them. But Hamilton proved this year that the allegation is no longer true, he would lose the nerves in crucial situations and then throw away chances of eagerness.

Especially in Abu Dhabi Rosberg kept trying to exert psychological pressure on the team-mate to drive him into a mistake – in the knowledge that it was he who had everything to lose: When it really mattered, Hamilton was sovereign, let Rosberg are already at the start and would have brought the title without its problems to the finish line.

Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton:Ecclestone keeps Hamilton for a ‘shining light’

F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi
F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi

Hamilton is a popular world champion: Even before the celebrated him the British fans in the stands, after the triumph even more so. He had a very important supporter before the Final: Bernie Ecclestone wanted the British as a new world champion, “because it is so easy to market, much better than Nico Rosberg”.

For the Formula 1 boss Hamilton was already at its debut in 2007 a “shining light”: The first black man as Formula 1 ace, the cheerful youngster, who unconcernedly the establishment whirls, the family man, the touchingly paralyzed by his brother care – all that was then, in the first year after Michael Schumacher, of course, a wonderful story.

The Little Lewis, a British immigrant child with Caribbean roots. Growing up in the small town of Stevenage workers, whose father Anthony and the whole family had to make many sacrifices for the great career just the beginning. Today, Hamilton is a world star. One who, as such, are at least outwardly, but the enthusiasm on the route through his uncompromising and aggressive driving many race fans. In this respect he likes to see himself in the tradition of Ayrton Senna, his great idol.

Sporty is his performance at all no doubt – especially this year. The personality Hamilton contrast polarized. In the paddock and outside, even with the fans. The back and forth in his relationship with Pussycat Dolls singer Scherzinger, the flashy jewelry, tattoos, the trip to Hollywood – all stand with him sometimes more in the public eye than the Sport, Hamilton is accused often.

Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton:”Now celebrating with family”

F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi Nocle Scherzinger & Lewis Hamilton
F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi Nocle Scherzinger & Lewis Hamilton

But many who know him better, say that the Star attitudes were only show that Hamilton in truth still feel the small circle of his family and closest confidant most comfortable and perfectly normal child remained in Stevenage at heart.

Which suggests: Hamilton looking in critical situations just stop there, where he found him earlier – with his father. That was in the summer at Silverstone as if he destroyed after verpatztem qualifying at his home race to the bottom, but was then regaining strength after a long talk with dad Anthony and won the Grand Prix.

Also in Abu Dhabi after him Rosberg had lost four tenths in the fight for pole position, Hamilton overtook moral support: “I am alone in the evening went to the beach, I chatted long from there with my father.” So it was no wonder, after which he is especially pleased after his title win: “Now go eat with my family and celebrate”

Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton – NationalTurk

Mercedes update new hope for Hamilton and Russell?

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