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Mick Schumacher sensationally gets his first points

The serious accident at Silverstone overshadowed the race.

What went down: Mick Schumacher scored points from second to last – his first F1 points.

What a race by Mick Schumacher: After the horror crash of Mercedes driver George Russell and Alfa Romeo driver Zhou Guanyu (read more here), the son of racing legend Michael sensationally scored his first points in Formula 1, came eighth to the finish. And that despite the fact that he was second to last at the start.

Schumacher’s team boss hopes that the first world championship points will have a liberating effect on the Haas driver. “At least hopefully some of the pressure will now go away and he can drive more freely,” said Haas race director Günther Steiner after the spectacular Grand Prix at Silverstone.

“We almost couldn’t believe it”

Schumacher stormed forward with a brilliant performance on Sunday. “That’s good for Mick. We almost couldn’t believe what happened there,” said Steiner.

In the first few months of this season, the Italian publicly counted the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher because of a number of accidents and driving errors. “I told him: keep calm, keep going and don’t worry about those out there,” Steiner asserted (read more about this here). For the clammy Haas team, Schumacher’s success “burst a knot,” said the 57-year-old.

Mick Schumacher scores after restart

Now the expectations of the 23-year-old should not be too high. “You shouldn’t think that he always has to score points,” Steiner told British TV broadcaster Sky.

The start of the British Grand Prix shocked fans. Because of the serious accident, the race had to be interrupted and then restarted.


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