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Ecclestone: Putin is a first class man

An interview with the former Formula 1 boss makes waves: / Ecclestone: Putin is a first class man

Ecclestone raves about Putin – and blames Ukraine for the war. / Ecclestone: Putin is a first class man

Former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has caused a stir with statements about Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I would still take a bullet for him,” he said in an interview on British television show Good Morning Britain. “I would prefer it didn’t hurt, but I would do it anyway,” said the 91-year-old. The moderator had previously asked if he still considered Putin a friend. That confirmed Ecclestone.

Referring to Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, he said what Putin did was “what he believes is the right thing to do”. He did that for Russia. Ecclestone described the Kremlin boss as a “first-class man” and said he was reasonable. However, he has not spoken or written to him since the beginning of the war.

Ecclestone sharply criticizes Selenskyj

Regarding the numerous Russian attacks on civilians, for example on the shopping center in Kremenchuk with at least 20 dead, Ecclestone said that such civilian losses were “not intended”.

Ecclestone, on the other hand, sharply criticized the Ukrainian President in the interview. Volodymyr Zelenskyy was a comedian before his tenure and seems to want to continue to be so. The invasion could have ended differently if Zelenskyy had spoken to Putin, the billionaire said. The Kremlin boss is a “sensitive person”. When asked by the presenter whether Zelenskyy was responsible for the war and not Putin, Ecclestone answered resolutely: “Absolutely.” It was not the intention of the Russian President to start a war.

In addition, the decision to exclude Russian Formula 1 drivers from competitions was wrong, according to the former F1 boss. “You shouldn’t be punished.”

“He seriously needs help”

The interview made waves, especially in Great Britain. Several British media outlets described the conversation as “bizarre”. On Twitter, users sharply criticized the 91-year-old: “He seriously needs help,” wrote one. “He’s crazy,” commented another.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said on “Good Morning Britain” that Ecclestone’s comments were absolutely “extraordinary”. Kremlin boss Putin is “toxic”. Formula 1 also distanced itself from the statements. The 91-year-old was managing director there until 2017. A statement said: “Bernie Ecclestone’s comments are his personal views and are in stark contrast to modern values ​​in the sport.” Formula 1 had already distanced itself from Ecclestone in 2020 when he said that in many cases blacks were even more racist than whites.


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