Nazan Eckes shares photos in a sunny yellow swimsuit

Nazan Eckes likes to present himself confidently in figure-hugging outfits online. Now the presenter delighted her community with new pictures in a swimsuit.

Presenter Nazan Eckes has been in front of the camera since the 1990s.

It’s hard to imagine the TV landscape without her. She is also very present on social media and regularly lets her almost 380,000 fans participate in her life. She occasionally shows her sexy side – like now.

The 47-year-old shared several photos from Mallorca on Instagram. Including two shots in which Nazan Eckes poses in a yellow swimsuit with cut-outs in the front. She smiles contentedly and seems visibly relaxed. You can see more photos by clicking to the right.

Nazan Eckes’ fans reacted to the series of pictures with many compliments. “Such a beautiful smile,” wrote one user, for example. “Such a damn beautiful woman”, “The yellow suits you well” or “Just wow!” Others added in the comment column.

“No more TV, only hobby influencers”

However, some people also wrote critical comments about the post and complained that Nazan Eckes was hardly ever seen on television. “No more TV, only hobby influencers. It’s a shame” or “It’s a shame that you can’t be seen on TV anymore,” said two users.

At least on RTL, she doesn’t appear that often anymore. Last year there was a big change professionally at Nazan Eckes: After working for the broadcaster for more than 20 years, she confirmed in spring 2022 that she would end the exclusive collaboration. “All the signs are pointing to change for me right now,” she justified her decision at the time.

Nazan Eckes warms up fans with bikini photos


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