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Jackie Stewart appears to have had a stroke

He celebrated many successes in Formula 1. Now Jackie Stewart passed out at a wedding - and he's missing some memories.

According to a report by the British “Daily Mail”, three-time Formula 1 world champion Jackie Stewart suffered a minor stroke five weeks ago.

The 84-year-old Scotsman was a guest at the wedding of Jordan’s heir to the throne Hussein bin Abdullah II and Rajwa Al Saif. The night before he woke up with a strange feeling, Stewart told the newspaper. Then he fell over.

“I was unconscious for quite a long time,” Stewart said. He must have somehow managed to alert his son, who had shared a room with his wife in the same hotel but on a different floor. To this day, however, he can neither remember that nor the ride in the ambulance to a hotel in Jordan.

He is currently undergoing a lot of physical therapy and is walking almost perfectly after struggling at first, reported Stewart, announcing a two-day visit to the Silverstone Grand Prix.


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