Laura Müller would have had this task on Mallorca

Michael Wendler was supposed to appear in Mallorca in April. But he was too greedy. His wife Laura Müller could have been there too.

Only recently did Michael Wendler make headlines. The singer, who has caused outrage in recent years with conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic and racist statements, should get his own docu-soap on German television on RTLzwei. After viewer protests, the broadcaster stopped the format before shooting began. Not the only project for Wendler that failed.

The musician was supposed to appear in Mallorca in April in the “Krümels Stadl” restaurant. Before Corona, a contract was concluded that stipulated that Michael Wendler should perform for 7,000 euros. “Then the hammer came,” reports owner Krümel now in the t-online interview. Wendler wanted 25,000 euros plus flights, hotel and shuttle. For Krümel, who is a singer herself and performed at Ballermann for a long time, this demand was “very bold”.

Laura Müller should do that in Mallorca

Nevertheless, she wanted the Wendler. And not only him, Laura Müller should also be booked for the performance in Peguera. The influencer shouldn’t have sung with her husband. “Laura’s job would have been to just be there. She wouldn’t have had to be on stage. She would have just been there. It’s very close to the audience for us. Many would have wanted a photo or an autograph with her,” says Krümel.

Krümel vehemently denied whether she could also imagine booking only Laura Müller for her event. “Who is Laura? What do you want to do with her? I can take a lot for photos and autographs, I don’t need Laura for that.”

The Wendler insisted on 5,000 euros more and lost everything

Due to Wendler’s high demands, Krümel quickly rowed back and made the 50-year-old a new offer. “We only take Michael Wendler without Laura.” But the fee demand from Wendler remained the same. “I found that bold and unusual,” says Krümel. What was not yet known: Krümel stuck to her plan, spoke to the manager and suggested to him: “We give Micha 20,000 euros. We take over the flight, hotel and shuttle. But at 20,000 euros we are out of breath.”

In an interview with t-online, she remembers: “It didn’t go down a cent, I was flabbergasted, there was nothing to be done, you have to leave the church in the village, it would have been a 45-minute performance.” The fee of 20,000 euros would have been an immense sum for the small “Stadl”.

Krümel knew: “We’ll pay extra for that anyway. But we do it because of the advertising effect. Corona was over and we wanted something completely different.” She was aware of Wendler’s past, in which he lost a number of jobs with absurd statements about the corona pandemic. “We had expected a shitstorm.”

Peter Klein is also demanding large sums of money

She now sees a lot of potential in Peter Klein. He is a good singer. Even before the jungle camp, she thought about hiring Iris Klein’s husband. The couple also know Krümel personally. But then something always came up. After Peter Klein caused a stir as Lucas Cordalis’ companion during the jungle camp, interest in him was so great that she now wanted to book him for her big opening in April.

But the negotiations with Peter Klein are not going smoothly either. He also charges more than she would normally pay. His appearance is therefore not yet certain. “It’s not quite ready for a decision yet because we have stomachaches about the fee. We are in negotiations. I assume that it will work.” Although she thinks a lot of Peter Klein, she fears that “the market value will plummet again” as soon as interest in him falls.

Krümel did not want to reveal how much Peter Klein was asking for his performance. Normally, however, the emigrant pays “200 to 2,500 euros” for an engagement. It depends on the artist.

Krümel can no longer imagine working with Michael Wendler. Even if he made her a significantly lower offer: “No, the Michael Wendler issue is over,” she clarifies.

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