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Wildfire on Rhodes island

2000 hectares of forest have been destroyed, the forces are not against the flames: Mallorca is a forest fire out of control. Clear, however, return the authorities on the Spanish mainland – and on two Greek islands.

For three days a raging wildfire in the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca – and still get the flames forces not under control. The fire broke into an area where it can only be fought from the air, as the regional government in Palma announced.

There, in the area Galatzó is now a country house, in which 85 tourists were staying, were evacuated. This means that more than 800 people were brought to safety, since the fire broke out on Friday in the northwest of the island. One firefighter was taken to the hospital because of dehydration, otherwise no injuries or damaged homes but were initially reported.

About 400 firefighters, members of the Civil Defence and the Military Emergency Unit UME are in use. They were supported by daily slump of 28 aircraft and helicopters. Extinguishing the fire were still hampered by strong winds. According to estimates so far around 2000 hectares of forest were destroyed in the area near the communities Andratx and Estellencs.

Mallorca Wildfire Spain
Mallorca Wildfire Spain

Meanwhile, there were clear on the mainland in the community Vallirana about 20 kilometers north-west of Barcelona. Where a forest fire was stabilized after 20 hours. 200 people returned to their homes.

Greek fires under control

Wildfire on Rhodes island
Wildfire on Rhodes island

On several Greek islands the situation eased. Rhodes and Crete authorities notified, fires were under control. The fire in the south of Rhodes from sword, said the mayor of the island, Stahtis Koussournas with. It prevails calm, so we hope to have the fire could soon be deleted. The destroyed forest area is estimated to about 4,000 acres. Arson ruled out the mayor.

Also in the south of Crete firefighters could bring the fire under control – it had strong winds fanned again on Sunday evening. On the island, mainly bushland and farmland were destroyed.

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