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Leonardo DiCaprio to star as da Vinci in film based on Walter Isaacson’s book

Leonardo DiCaprio and Paramount Pictures are producing a film about the 15th century polymath Leonardo da Vinci.

The film will be based on Walter Isaacson’s non-fiction book Leonardo Da Vinci, which was published in 2017.

DiCaprio will play the artist and inventor, according to the Deadline report. DiCaprio has previously stated in interviews that he got his name because his mother, then pregnant, was looking at a da Vinci painting when the Titanic hero kicked in her belly for the first time.

Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t made a film since finally winning an Oscar for Best Actor in The Revenant.

Paramount Pictures has Leonardo DiCaprio lined up to star in an adaptation of Walter Isaacson‘s biography Leonardo da Vinci, about the painter behind the famous “Mona Lisa” and “Last Supper” works who was also known for being a budding inventor, a scholar of anatomy, botany, geology and much more. The studio has also hired a writer who has already worked with DiCaprio on a biographical feature before.

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