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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Australia takes over Boeing in the South West Search / Breaking News


In the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft Australia has taken over the coordination of the fleet in the southwest. Investigators had identified two possible routes of the ghost-flight MH370 on weekends. China is sharply critical of alleged tardiness of Malaysia.

Flog the lost Malaysia Airlines aircraft northwest? Or they moved southwest past Australia? Under high pressure, the search parties pursue the new tracks in the case of Boeing disappeared. The coordination of the search in the southern flight corridor has now taken on the request of the Malaysian authorities Australia. This was announced by the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

According to the findings from the weekend, investigators have two possible routes for more than a week missing Boeing 777-200 outlined which flew on board the aircraft after shutdown of two communication systems might. One leads from Malaysia to the northwest on India and Pakistan to Kazakhstan, the other south-west – to the west across Indonesia to Australia by the Indian Ocean.

In the responsibility of the Australian search and rescue teams is therefore covered a vast territory in the Indian Ocean, it covers half the distance to South Africa.

Meanwhile, the tension between China and Malaysia are getting bigger. The Chinese state news agency Xinhua lamented a lack of timely information and squandering the massive search efforts. “Given today’s technology smells fully and timely to share the time delay either by neglect of duties or a hesitation information. That would be unbearable.” The search must be extended immediately. More than half of the passengers on board came from the People’s Republic.

Malaysia wearing inevitable responsibility, but also other stakeholders such as the aircraft manufacturer Boeing, the engine manufacturer Rolls Royce and the “intelligence superpower” had “to do a better job.”

An international fleet looking for days for the missing machine. Malaysia has now requested by 22 nations satellite and radar data.

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