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Tutti Frutti show program that we all remember the sexy blonde Monique Sluyter, was now a business woman.(Photos)

When Monique Sluyter was 18 she was discovered by a scout in Heerenveen Mediaset, as she stood watching. At a beauty pageant Shortly after she graduated and moved to Milan, where she lived until her 24 th.


Then they traveled up and down from Amsterdam to Milan. In the Italian program she was in the first year showgirl and then she became assistant to the presenter Umberto Smaila in the program Grand Slam “COLPO GROSSO”, this show is so far every day on TV. (and is still 35 countries including seeing. Japan) Recently, she got her own show in Italy “Showgirl” and can be seen at RAI in Rome them regularly.


CANNES In this Italian program was sold to many countries, such GERMANY’S RTL, “Tutti Frutti”; This was the German version of the Italian show, which was shown via satellite worldwide.

n 1992 began Sluyter the Dutch broadcaster Veronica with its own television , Erotica . She was soon asked by Playboy Netherlands ( four times ) and also for Playboy USA she made a special photographer Arny Freytag with house for ” Entertainment Tonight ” . By Hugh Hefner , she was invited to the Playboy Mansion USA and also she was seen on Playboy TV .


In the film True Romance Quintin Tarantino Sluyter had her Housetrack ( EMI ) I want your body as Nymphomania featured by Monique Sluyter . They also played a role in the film directed by David Lammers Langer Light , which premiered in 2006 . She was also just featured in Deuce Bigalow (2008 ) and Daisy (2008 ) by Andrew Lau , a famous Korean director .

In 2006, she stayed at the Hotel called Big Brother of the television station Talpa . A year later she was for Hotel Big Brother nearly two months on the tube for the Red Cross . On the television channel RTL 7 Sluyter presented in 2005 at night dating program called After Sluytingstijd and Babewatch . Then they chose the Italian channel Mediaset to present there. Models her daily show Showgirl She did this entirely in Italian (2006-2008 ) .


Monique was featured in the movie “Deuce Bigalow 2” with Rob Schneider. (guest).

Then she got a role in the feature film “Daisy”, a Korean gangster film of the known Asian director Andrew Law, (which include the fight scenes and special effects did Spiderman 2 and The Matrix), and a role as Tonnie at the Dutch Film “Langer light “by David Lammers and Motel Films. (eg Philene says sorry). This film was in July 2012 on TV.

Monique Sluyter Succesufull bussines Woman


Her own modeling agency Model Monique Sluyter’s getting big commissions and through word of mouth grows her desk rapidly. Monique is sponsored by Enzoani Fashion (bridal and cocktail dress like the American Star Brand) and is much to see at events like Fashion Week, fashion shows and Beau Monde Awards. (Beau Monde portrayed her this year as Anita Ekberg).


Monique’s Sluyter Models is a casting / modeling with models and actresses (m / f) except beautiful too intelligent. We scout ‘fresh faces’. Monique Sluyter Models began casting for shows like Gooische Women, Baantjer, Grijpstra and Vulture, Missing Without a Trace, Rozegeur and Vodka Lime, seen in the break of European and American films such as “Daisy” and “Harold and Kumar Hotshots football ladies Veronica “the latest film by Dick Maas’ Moordwijven” VARA series on “Joop den Uyl. (Wherein Monique real hobos commitment to play. Role cracker)



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