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Musician Cat Power cancels her Israel concert

Musician Cat Power shuns Israel as well
Musician Cat Power shuns Israel as well

Israel is shunned yet by another artist over its nondecremental oppresion of Palestinians.

JERUSALEM / NationalTurk – American musician Cat Power has canceled her concert in Israel a day after her show in Istanbul, joining a list of artists shunning the Israel over its stance with the Palestinians.

Charlyn Marie Marshall, better known by her stage name Cat Power, was to perform in Israeli capital Tel Aviv on Sunday.
But she tweeted on Friday that due to “much confusion” she felt she could not play for her Israeli fans and that she felt “sick in her spirit.” She had faced calls to boycott the Jewish state.

Many artists refuse to give concerts inIsrael over the Palestine conflict

Elvis Costello and The Pixies have recently canceled their shows in Israel, as did the British dance band Klaxon and the Gorillaz Sound System. Icelandic icon Bjork and Guitar legend Santana also called off performances in Israel, though without explaining why.

Other musicians, such as Elton John, Paul McCartney and Madonna, whose World Tour 2012 will start a with a concert in Tel Aviv, Israel have resisted the pressure to perform there.

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