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Russia to lash Israel for War Rhetoric against Iran

Russia, China, Syria, Iran (New Axis) vs USA, Israel, England,France ( Allies forever)  This looks like an Over bet
Russia, China, Syria, Iran (New Axis) vs USA, Israel, England,France ( Allies forever)

Russia is concerned of the way Israel is openly laying out its war plans against Iran, as Russian foreign ministiry officially dennounced Israel’s hawkish rhetoric on Iran.

TEHRAN / NationalTurk – The Russian foreign ministry rapped the Zionist regime for its war rhetoric against Iran, and cautioned that the approach will increase tensions and have dire consequences.

On Wednesday, Mikhail Ulyanov, the head of Security and Disarmament Department at Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, denounced Tel Aviv government’s hawkish rhetoric on Iran over its nuclear program and lashed out at Israel for inventing allegations that are raising the tension in the already tense Middle East. Russia warned such fabrications could encourage military solutions and could end up with catastrophic consequences.

Russia supports Iran by censuring Israel War Rhetoric

The top Russian executive described the speculations over Iran’s nuclear program as out of whole cloth and reiterated that such claims have political and propaganda purposes, which are far from being inoffensive.

The US and its close ally Israel have recently intensified their war rhetoric against Iran. The two arch enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran accuse Tehran government of seeking to build nuclear arsenal, while they have never presented any corroborative document to substantiate their allegations.

Both USA and Israel possess advanced weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear warheads. USA is UN and Nato member and though not on the paper US is the secret leader of these organisations.

World is polarizing dangerously more than ever

Iran vehemently denies the charges, insisting that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only. Tehran dovernment points out that the country has always pursued a civilian path to provide power to the growing number of Iranian population, whose fossil fuel would eventually run dry.

Iran has, in return, warned that it would target Israel and its worldwide interests in case it comes under attack by the Tel Aviv in self-defense purposes. Iran is challenging Us and Israel’s war calls on every turn, attemting to show their defence industry is more than capable to thwart any kind of military operation launched against Iran.

Russia, China, Syria, Iran (New Axis) vs USA, Israel, England,France ( Allies forever)

The United States has long stressed that military action is a main option for the White House to deter Iran’s progress in the field of nuclear technology.

Iran has warned that in case of an attack by either the US or Israel, it will target 32 American bases in the Middle East and close the strategic Strait of Hormuz, which is strategically and logistically a key point as an estimated 40 % of the world’s oil supply passes through the important waterway.

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