North Korea: Kim calls for increased war preparations

North Korea's ruler Kim apparently wants to intensify the people's army's preparations for war. State media reported.

Pyongyang has accused “hostile forces” of planning a military confrontation.

North Korea apparently wants to increase the readiness of its armed forces for a war on the Korean peninsula. At an extended meeting in Pyongyang, the central military commission of the Workers’ Party decided on important military guidelines for the deployment of units on the front line and forward-looking planning for new war exercises, the state-controlled media reported. Ruler Kim Jong Un signed a corresponding order, it said.

Kim analyzed the situation on the peninsula and its surroundings and came to the conclusion “to increase the war preparations of the people’s army in an offensive manner”. The goal is to neutralize all forms of enemy attack should war break out. According to the state media, the ruler had been inspecting arms factories in the country for several days. In doing so, he promised to upgrade and strengthen the military’s readiness for war.

Multiple tests of nuclear-capable missiles

State media reports have accused “hostile forces” of working towards a military confrontation with North Korea. When it comes to its enemies, North Korea primarily sees the United States and its ally South Korea. The United States and South Korea have intensified their defense cooperation and held joint military maneuvers in recent months.

Relations between North and South Korea are also at a low point again: After an unprecedented series of missile tests last year, North Korea tested nuclear-capable missiles again this year. Kim aims to expand weapons development, including tactical nuclear weapons. The self-proclaimed nuclear power is subject to strict international sanctions because of its nuclear weapons program.

Military parade on September 9 probably under discussion

At the Pyongyang meeting, Kim also reportedly fired the previous chief of staff, Pak Su Il, and replaced him with Ri Yong Gil. Preparations for a new military parade to mark the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic on September 9 were also discussed.

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