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Pentagon: Russian soldiers are disobeying orders

Day 76 since the beginning of the war: Russia is said to have fired several hypersonic missiles at the port city of Odessa. Apparently there are still people in the Azovstal plant in Mariupol.

The US sees evidence that many Russian soldiers are disobeying orders from their commanders. This was published by the Pentagon in its current background report on the situation in Ukraine. Accordingly, middle ranks in the military hierarchy are particularly affected, but also battalion commanders.

Ukraine is fighting – against Russia and for the fastest possible accession to the EU. Meanwhile, US President Biden is launching a new version of the historic Lend-Lease agreement. Here you can read an overview of what happened during the night and an outlook for the day.

Dead and injured in rocket attacks on Odessa

At least one person was killed and five others injured in Russian rocket attacks on the Ukrainian port city of Odessa on Tuesday night. This was reported by the Unian agency, citing the local military leadership. “The enemy maintains its psychological pressure and continues its hysterical attacks against peaceful civilians and civilian infrastructure,” it said.

The city was shaken by numerous explosions in the evening, which were due to both rocket hits and anti-aircraft defenses. According to media reports, among other things, a shopping center and a warehouse were hit.

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