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Protests in Venezuela: President Maduro raises US consular officials from the country / Breaking News

Venezuela's President Maduro speaks during a national broadcast at Miraflores Palace in Caracas

People’s are revolting for crime, poverty and indigence in Venezuela but truck driver dictator Maduro is still grappling with US.

It is a new low point in US-Venezuelan relations: President Nicolás Maduro, the expulsion of three consular officer at the US Embassy in Caracas has. He said on Sunday in a televised speech, the three conspired against the Venezuelan government. They should have been in contact with protesting students.

The names of the persons concerned did not name the head of state. He stated only that Venezuelan intelligence services had monitored the activities of the consular officer at some universities. What they saw there offered the issuance of visas to the United States.

The Foreign Ministry in Caracas had previously accused the US of supporting the protest movement. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry rejected this on Saturday. He condemned the violent crackdown by Venezuelan security forces against demonstrators.

Protests in Venezuela:”I have done nothing illegal”

Venezuelan riot police opening fire against protestsers
Venezuelan riot police opening fire against protestsers

Maduro now stressed that he would not accept any ” threats ” of Washington. He said that the U.S. had sent him a message , to convince him of a dialogue with the opposition . In addition, Washington had asked him to release all those arrested during the recent demonstrations and to suspend the arrest warrant against opposition leader Leopoldo López .

The authorities have López to a responsibility for the deadly clashes on Wednesday . In clashes between supporters and opponents Maduro three people were shot dead and more than 60 injured. Among them was a member of the radical pro-government group the ” colectivo ” ( Collective ) . The head of state had accused the United States prior to the designation of consular officers , they would have written the “script ” for the violence during the protests .


López called for a new protest march on Sunday . This should lead to the Justice Department on Tuesday . He will attend himself, López announced . “If anyone has decided to illegally detain and imprison me , he should know I’ll be there to provide me the persecution,” he said. “I have not done anything illegal . ”

Protests in Venezuela:Eleven journalists detained by police

A student joins others, sitting in the street
A student joins others, sitting in the street

Government opponents, including many students go for two weeks on the road. The protests are directed against the continuing economic crisis in the oil-rich country , rising prices and scarcity of everyday goods .

At the protests also eleven journalists were briefly detained . This was reported by the media union SNTP on Sunday via Twitter. In addition, five reporters had been beaten by police . In several cases reported to the journalists’ cameras and cell phones were seized. The reporters were released after intervention of their media .

Maduro also accused foreign media before a biased reporting on the protests. Venezuela’s left-wing president had secured in November by a vote in Parliament the opportunity to govern future as his late predecessor Hugo Chavez by the Enabling Act . The opposition spoke of an ” institutional coup d’etat ” .

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