Racism Scandal in the Royal Family

Scandal in the royal family - and this lady-in-waiting is responsible

This scandal brings the British royal family into disrepute. Racist remarks led to the termination – and the woman who was fired is not unknown.

One of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s ladies-in-waiting, Lady Susan Hussey, has apologized and left the royal family after a racism scandal. At an event at Buckingham Palace, the 83-year-old is said to have repeatedly asked Ngozi Fulani, the head of a charity, where she “really” came from – here you can read all the details about the incident.

Ngozi Fulani made the matter public on Twitter. The British newspaper “The Guardian” reports on the exact process: According to this, Susan Hussey pushed Fulani’s hair aside to be able to see her name tag and asked her where her “people” came from, although she had already told her that she is British. In an interview with The Independent, Fulani said the problem is “bigger than one person. It’s institutional racism.” She added: “I was in shock after it happened and anyone who knows me knows I can’t take nonsense like that.”

“Racism has no place in our society”

She continued, “But I had so many things to consider. As a black person, I found myself at this point where I wanted to say something.” But what happened is “automatically seen as my fault,” said Fulani, who says it hurts her charity, Sistah Space.

The palace described Susan Hussey’s comments as “unacceptable and deeply regrettable”, according to media reports. A spokesman for Prince William said: “Racism has no place in our society”. It continued: “The comments were unacceptable and it is correct that the person has resigned with immediate effect.”

Why does William express himself even though he is currently on a trip to the USA with his wife Kate? The answer could be related to his childhood: Lady Hussey was not only a close confidant of the late Queen for decades and accompanied her at Prince Philip’s funeral in 2021, among other things. She was also William’s godmother.

After the Queen’s death, the widow of former BBC chairman Sir Marmaduke Hussey continued to work for the palace. She is considered a close confidant of King Charles III. Their daughter, Katherine Brooke, has just been made one of King Consort Camilla’s “Queen’s Companions,” supporting Charles’ wife rather than the ladies-in-waiting. She will continue to work at the farm – but now without her mother.

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