Secret documents on Joe Biden: Now there is no escape

Joe Biden has secret documents stored in his house. The US President himself is to blame for this serious error.

It is not yet known why Joe Biden kept numerous secret documents at home. In his garage, in his library and in the office of his think tank. According to his own statements, he does not know what is in it in detail. The only thing the US President has to say about his lawyers’ discovery: “I was surprised.” And: “People know that I deal with secret documents seriously.”

That sounds good at first. Only: Apparently he didn’t do exactly that. It could actually be a mistake that he personally can’t do anything about. For example, because employees cleared his offices when his time as Vice President under Barack Obama was over, and they also packed the secret documents. However, in the end, Biden is also responsible for the sloppiness of others.

Especially since something much worse than negligence could be behind it. A special investigator appointed by US Attorney General Merrick Garland is now to find out.

As long as there is uncertainty, speculation will sprout – and damage the actually honorable Biden and the office he holds. There is no denying that the President has a big problem. Because it is already a fact that classified US government documents have been stored in places where they should not have been for more than six years.

Republicans now have fuel to attack

The matter is particularly critical because the White House did not consider it necessary to inform the public about this politically highly explosive event for more than two months. So far, salami tactics have only confirmed what the media make public.

Accordingly, the first documents were apparently found on November 2, 2022, six days before the hard-fought midterm elections on November 8th. A day later, on November 9, the FBI began an investigation to determine if the documents had been improperly handled.

On November 18, Attorney General Merrick Garland initially announced that he would appoint a special counsel for Donald Trump. It was about his government documents illegally stored in Mar-a-Lago. The FBI had previously searched Trump’s Florida residence with a search warrant.

The Republicans, under pressure because of Trump’s offenses, now have the ammunition with which they can attack the president thanks to the documents found at Biden. Especially since speculation about deliberately influencing the midterm elections is understandable. Eventually they ran out.

The differences are big

From now on, there is no longer any escape for Biden and the Democrats from the media goings-on in Washington. The longer the White House fails to answer the questions asked, the more likely it is that the serious differences between the Trump and Biden cases will recede into the background.

From the start, Trump discredited the investigation as another alleged witch hunt. Biden, on the other hand, supports the process of the investigations. Even after months, Trump blocked the release of the documents. Biden’s lawyers immediately handed over the secret papers to the responsible federal authority.

In the divided camps of Republicans and Democrats, their own narratives about the other side will continue to dominate. There is no escape for Biden from this either.

Whether by accident or intent, given all the problems, this process remains a grave political error for Biden.

Another secret document find at Joe Biden

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