“Sexist”: Woman attacks Cologne hotel because of Höhner song

Dispute in happy Cologne: According to a report, a "Höhner" song should cause trouble between a hotel and a local resident.

The Lindner Hotel on Magnusstraße lives and loves Cologne and the carnival. But because of a song line in the hotel’s “Veedelseck” bar, a local resident went on the barricades.

As the “Express” reports, a woman wrote a letter of complaint to the hotel manager because she didn’t like the iconic Höhner song “Blootwoosch, Kölsch un elecker Mädche” as the lettering in the bar.

“I’ll get in touch with you to draw your attention to the sexist outdoor advertising of your bar ‘Veedelseck’. The quote from the song by Höhner ‘Blootwosch, Kölsch und elecker Mädche’ suggests that men could eat and drink with you, but also with girls’ enjoy'”, the “Express” quotes the letter.

Resident wants to draw the attention of those around her to the lettering

In addition, the term “girl” is a thorn in her side, and she finds the song line “not up-to-date and discriminatory”. “Since I’ve only just moved to this area, I’ll also draw the attention of those around me to outdoor advertising,” announces the letter’s author.

As the “Express” reports, the hotel manager wrote an answer to the woman and offered her a personal conversation about the motives, but also made it clear that the song is part of Cologne’s cultural heritage: “We would therefore not like to change the name.” “Blootwosch, Kölsch and e delicious girls” will continue to decorate the Veedelseck.

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