Doubts about Prince Harry’s memory: errors discovered in biography

Prince Harry's memoirs "Spare" have just been published, and there are already some inconsistencies. An embarrassing mistake threatens Harry's credibility.

“Recollections may vary” – this is how Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022) reacted in 2021 to the scandalous interview of Prince Harry (38) and Meghan Markle (41) with Oprah Winfrey (68) .

This statement could now also apply to Prince Harry’s biography. Because a text passage in “Spare” about the death of his great-grandmother, Queen Mum (101, † 2002), raises questions.

Ski vacation instead of school: Prince Harry’s memories of the anniversary of his great-grandmother’s death are incorrect

In his memoirs, Prince Harry recalls the moment he learned of his great-grandmother’s death. “I took a call at Eton when I was studying. I wish I could remember whose voice was on the other end, a courtier I think,” Harry said in Reserve. “I remember it was just before Easter, the weather was bright and warm, and light slanted through my window, filling it with vibrant colors. Her Royal Highness the Queen Mother has died.”

So Prince Harry thought he was at Eton College in Berkshire when he was informed of his great-grandmother’s death. Queen Elizabeth II’s mother died on March 30, 2002. The problem with it: According to, the reports surrounding the death of Queen Mum prove that the then 17-year-old Harry was not at Eton, but with his father, King Charles III. (now 74) and his brother William (now 40) on a skiing holiday in Klosters, Switzerland.

Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon was born on August 4, 1900 in London. In 1923 she married the future King George VI, which made her Queen Consort. Together they had two daughters, Elizabeth, who became queen after the early death of her father in 1952, and Princess Margaret (71, † 2002). Elizabeth, affectionately known as the Queen Mum, was very popular with the British people. On March 30, 2002 she died at the proud age of 101 at the Royal Lodge near Windsor Castle. The funeral service took place on April 9, 2002.

After the death of the Queen Mother: Harry, William and Charles flew back to London together

Buckingham Palace confirmed Queen Mum’s death on March 30, 2002 in an official statement. A BBC News report at the time said: “William and Harry were skiing in Klosters when the 101-year-old died in her sleep.” according to a Daily Mail report available to “The three princes traveled to London together on the same plane, with special permission from the Queen. They had left Klosters in Switzerland to fly home earlier from their skiing holiday.”

It is certain that Prince Harry did not intentionally write an untruth in his biography, but this serious error raises questions. “This is a serious error in a highly controversial book,” Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams, 73, told “The fact that Harry’s memory of where he was when the Queen Mother died is erroneous casts doubt on the accuracy of fact checking in this book. One wonders how many other mistakes there are on the pages.” In no way will Harry’s memoirs destroy the institution, fact or not, Diana biographer Andrew Morton is certain. Sources used:, BBC News,

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