Sophia Thomalla relies on a tight-fitting dress

Sophia Thomalla knows her way around show business – and shows herself in eye-catching outfits when filming. Same now.

If you have a job like that, you don’t need a holiday. Sophia Thomalla poses on a new Instagram post in front of a holiday backdrop, advertising her television show.

After all, 1.3 million people see the 33-year-old in a skimpy summer outfit. In keeping with the theme of her show, Thomalla dressed in the color of love.

The red dress impresses with a sophisticated cut. It exposes one of the presenter’s shoulders as well as a glimpse of her stomach. A cut-out on one side of the dress is an eye-catcher. By no means the only detail that draws the focus to a lot of bare skin. The mini dress is so tight that Thomalla’s legendary long legs are staged. She combines it with matching, bright red high-heeled shoes.

Anyone who is interested in the message from Alexander Zverev’s current partner in addition to the look will find out something about their current task. Sophia Thomalla is not on the popular holiday island of Ko Samui in Thailand for a vacation, but for her dome format “Are You the One?”, which can be seen on the RTL streaming service.

“I’m going to have climate change this year”

“The next season is in the works,” Thomalla writes about her posting in the Instagram story. Apparently, the bar she’s leaning against is a set from the TV show. Cocktails stand on the bamboo counter, lights and festive garlands twine around the set by the sea.

Sophia Thomalla had already announced the new season in a short teaser in April. “I’m having climate change this year. But only the clothes are sticking here. It’s that time again, the new season ‘Are You The One?’ now from Thailand,” commented the presenter at the time. However, it is not yet known when the broadcast will take place.

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