That’s how high Marc Terenzi’s fee for Australia should be

RTL is not only important to the cast in the jungle, the station also obviously values the fellow travelers. Marc Terenzi is said to have been paid a huge sum.

The jungle camp stars received a decent fee for their participation in the show, but this differs depending on the celebrity.

And elsewhere, RTL has not shied away from putting large sums of money on the table to offer viewers more entertainment: Marc Terenzi – actually only accompanying girlfriend Verena Kerth on site in Australia – is said to have cashed in properly.

According to the “Bild” newspaper, all fellow travelers have signed a contract, just like the candidates. Accordingly, they have to give interviews during the show. The fee for the escorts starts at 1,500 euros. However, Terenzi should get at least 15,000 euros for his work in Australia and thus be the best earner among the companions. This emerges from broadcaster circles, according to the media report.

Terenzi got engaged in front of the camera

For the fee, the 44-year-old not only serves his time in the luxury hotel “Versace”, but also has other appearances in the format in addition to his interviews. Did the deal also include the broadcaster being allowed to capture an intimate moment?

Because when Verena Kerth was chosen by the spectators last Friday as the first candidate from the camp, she was in for a surprise: Terenzi proposed to her.

On the beach, he got on his knees in front of her and said: “I missed you like crazy. And seeing you on TV and not being able to talk to you was crazy – because I love you so much. I’m nervous right now, like you see… because I want to ask you if we’ll never have to miss each other again.”

At the camp, Kerth had previously made it clear that she wished to marry one day. With the engagement, nothing stands in the way of these wishes – and Marc Terenzi could become Kerth’s first husband.

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