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The Best Beaches in Mexico: Top 10

Dozens of wonderful beaches await you in Mexico, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. / The Best Beaches in Mexico

Here are the most beautiful Mexican beaches / The Best Beaches in Mexico: Top 10

Since it is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Mexico is home to many beautiful beaches. TUI blogger Ingo’s list of the best Mexican beaches;

By reading the article about Mexican beaches, you can decide on the pros and cons and plan your vacation. The Best Beaches in Mexico;

1. Manzanillo: La Boquita and Peña Blanca

Manzanillo is an important port city on Mexico’s west coast, largely separated from international tourism. In Manzanillo you will find a lot of beaches that locals usually pay attention to. In the far north of Manzanillo is the Mexican beach of La Boquita, surrounded by hills on one side, where you can snorkel and admire the more than one meter long trumpet and puffer fish. Due to the proximity of the volcano, the sand here is usually a dark color, which makes the beach attractive.

The golden sandy Peña Blanca, which is difficult to reach on a gravel road, is one of the most secluded beaches in the country, although it is almost 2 and a half kilometers long.

2. Michoacan: Manzanillera and Maruata

Manzanillera - The Best Beaches in Mexico
Manzanillera – The Best Beaches in Mexico

The Pacific coast of Michoacán state is still completely undeveloped for tourism and is therefore a true paradise for those who do not like crowds. The area consists of impressive rocky coastlines and secluded golden sand beaches, only dense lush greenery and a few simple villages. On Manzanillera Beach you will find very comfortable cabanas (= bungalows), small supermarkets and a great restaurant on a rock. However, Maruata Beach is 2 hours east from here.

To eat you have to walk to the small town a few hundred meters away and the cabanas are much simpler. You will be rewarded with breathtaking views of deserted golden beaches, hidden coves and small, rocky islands. The rock formation “Dedo del Dios” (=God’s finger) in one of the small coves, which has been photographed many times, is also interesting.

3. Puerto Vallarta / Best Beaches in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is protected in the western state of Jalisco in a large bay protected by mountains and forests. A cozy drop-off, you might think, but far from it. For many years this place has been a popular destination for American tourists. “You’re right!” I had to realize with amazement, because although English is spoken more than Spanish in this city, we enjoyed the perfect combination of beautiful beaches, deep blue ocean, guided snorkeling tours by catamaran for a few days. , shopping, nightlife and good restaurants. I also highly recommend visiting the leafy Vallarta Botanical Gardens – quiet, long walks through lush greenery, an excellent restaurant, and friendly, helpful staff!

4. Puerto Escondido: Playa Zicatela and Playa Carrizalillo

For surfers and fans of the relaxed lifestyle, Puerto Escondido is the “must be”. Located in the southern state of Oaxaca, this surf spot boasts a wide, golden sandy beach, stylish beach bars and a relaxed atmosphere. While sometimes strong currents and sometimes high waves make the hearts of surfers beat faster (especially in Playa Zicatela), the swimmers at Playa Carrizalillo get their money’s worth. Located in a quiet cove, this Mexican beach boasts shallow, turquoise water, shaded spots for relaxation, and several great beach bars to end a perfect day with the sunset.

5. Mazunte: Playa Rinconcito

Clocks tick more slowly in Mazunte, where many hippies and environmentalists showed great interest in protecting sea turtles in the 1970s. The picturesque Playa Rinconcito, lined with several palm trees, invites you to relax and swim. If you want to be active, you can walk to Punta Cometa, which is located on a rocky hill, about half an hour away. Here you can swim in a natural seawater-fed pool (but be careful when descending from the rocks) and catch the perfect spot for a romantic sunset.

6. Playa de Holbox

The small, long island off the north coast of Yucatán is a favorite destination for divers seeking peace and quiet. In the small village of the same name you will find nice little cafes and restaurants, beautiful cabanas with hammocks under the palm trees. The absence of motor vehicles on the island is one of the things that makes it attractive. In addition to sunscreen, you should definitely carry mosquito spray with you. Unfortunately, some mosquitoes also emerge at twilight, as the southern shores of the islands are covered with mangroves.

7. Isla Mujeres: Playa Norte / Best Beaches in Mexico

If you’re looking for the classic Caribbean island life and feel, Isla Mujeres is for you. Small speedboats run regularly to Isla Mujeres, about 5 kilometers from Cancún. On this island, which is about 8 kilometers long but with a maximum width of 500 meters, you will find not only comfortable hotels and apartments, but also many nice restaurants, bars, shops. At the northern tip of the island is the excellent Norte beach. Playa Norte is almost surreal. Because even if you enter about 50 meters into the water, the bottom is still almost a meter and can be seen clearly as if through glass, and sometimes even a colorful fish disappears within reach.

8. Best Beaches in Mexico: Playa del Carmen
Playa del Carmen - Best beaches in Mexico
Playa del Carmen – Best beaches in Mexico

Playa del Carmen beach is perhaps the most touristy Mexican beach on the list, but you’ll still enjoy your time in this lively east coast town. The wide, light-colored beach is almost always crowded. Playa del Carmen has great accommodation for every budget, promenade and shopping street. Not only do the food varieties stand out, but also the water sports in the facility.

9. Cozumel: Playa Palancar

A ferry leaves almost every hour to Mexico’s largest island, about 12 kilometers from Playa del Carmen. The ferry docks directly in El Parque, the largest town on the island. Playa Palancar, 21 kilometers south of Cozumel, is a less visited, approximately 1.5 kilometer long white sandy beach. Ideal for snorkeling due to its sheltered western location. The sea deepens fast and steeply, and in the clear, turquoise blue water you can always see a wonderful view of the underwater world below you with diving goggles.

The rest of the island is also worth seeing, so you can relax in the hammocks of the reggae bar “Freedom in Paradise” in the south of the island and explore the unique vegetation.

10. Tulum Beach

The images of Mayan temples on the cliffs in front of the white Caribbean beach have made Tulum world famous. The Mayan temples are definitely worth seeing, but they should be visited very early before the guided tour buses arrive here. It’s also the best way to take a snapshot against a desolate backdrop that will make anyone jealous.

Tulum beach, Mexico’s whitest sandy beach, is as long as the eye can see, so you can definitely find a deserted place for yourself. / The Best Beaches in Mexico

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