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Turkey: Erdogan holds equality for unnatural / Breaking News

Turkey's President Erdogan attends opening ceremony of an imam-hatip school in Ankara

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has his mother often kissed his feet – he liked her scent so much, he says. According to the Turkish President, women should focus on their role as a mother.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan holds the equality of man and woman is not a good idea. “You can not equate women and men. This is against nature,” Turkish President said in a speech to the Women’s Association Kadem in Istanbul, as several Turkish newspapers consistently report.

Man and woman had now times different body and idiosyncrasies, lectured Erdogan. “Women can not provide any work that is done by men, as it has been in communism,” said the head of state. Pregnant and lactating women can not work under the same conditions as men.

Erdogan pointed out that Islam emphasize the role of women as mothers. As a child, he had his mother often kissed his feet, told the politicians. He pointed to a traditional saying of the Prophet: “Heaven lies at the feet of your mother”, Muhammad is said to have explained.

“My mother demurred, but I always told her:” Mother, do not pull off your feet, there is the scent of heaven. ‘Sometimes they wept, when I said that, “Erdogan said. Feminists did not accept the mother role of women, criticized the president. Therefore, one could not explain to them the special importance, had the mothers and women in Islam.

Erdogan condemned domestic violence against women in his country. Violence against women is unacceptable and contrary to the rules of Islam as a “religion of peace,” Erdogan said.

In Turkey, almost every day is a woman killed by her husband, a relative or her partner. According to a study by the Women’s Federation Chamber of violence increases significantly. Thus, already 260 women were killed in Turkey this year.

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