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Turkey: Erdogan threatens ban on YouTube and Facebook / Breaking News


Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is due to unmasking videos on the Internet in distress. Now he wants to strike back: Facebook and YouTube could soon be blocked.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is always open its authoritarian tendencies. Late Thursday evening, he announced in the government-backed television station ATV, after a successful performance of his AKP party in the municipal elections on 30 Want to ban Facebook and YouTube in March. His exact words were: “I will not allow our nation to Facebook and YouTube is sacrificed.”

The ATV Moderator prodded to see if he meant to try to block access to Facebook and YouTube. “Yes,” replied Erdogan, it was quite conceivable. Then he spoke of “foreign powers” who used these sites to harm the country.

Erdogan makes long been no secret of his dislike of the social media and the Internet. He criticized the fact that his political opponents – especially the Gülen network of Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen, with which he delivers a power struggle – use the Internet to conduct a campaign against him.

Especially during the Gezi protests in the summer of 2013 he criticized the social media. The recent allegations of corruption and the ever-new videos that show up on YouTube, it leads back to a “robot lobby”. The films included secretly recorded phone recordings Erdogan, showing him as a corrupt, greedy politicians with millions of assets.

Erdogan Ban YouTube and Facebook:YouTube is already locked

YouTube was already locked in the past for several months in Turkey, because there were videos in which founder Atatürk was offended. The video platform Vimeo had recently been closed for 24 hours because in videos Erdogan’s son Bilal was shown.

The Turkish government has recently decided an Internet law, according to which the Telecommunications Ministry may block content on the Internet without prior judicial approval. Against this law, there had been violent protests, which crushed the police with water cannons and tear gas. President Abdullah Gul signed the bill yet, but using smaller changes. Thus, a judicial consent must be obtained immediately after blocking of content.

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