Twitter suspends Kanye West’s account

Kanye West's Twitter account was suspended over the weekend after an anti-Semitic tweet. Before that, he already had problems with Instagram.

After Instagram, the short message service Twitter also blocked the account of US rapper Kanye West.

A Twitter spokesman confirmed to CNN that the musician’s account had been suspended “for violating Twitter policies.” Twitter also deleted a tweet from the rapper. According to media reports, it was an anti-Semitic statement.

West, who now calls himself Ye, was reportedly blocked from Instagram on Friday. According to CNN, a meta spokesperson said content from West’s account had been deleted and a restriction imposed for violating company policies. However, it did not specify what was objectionable about the content or what type of restriction was imposed.

West had also previously expressed anti-Semitic thoughts to Sean Combs

According to CNN, West shared a now-deleted post on Instagram that included a screenshot of a “text conversation” with rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs, which the American Jewish Committee had criticized as “anti-Jewish.” West is said to have insinuated that Combs was controlled by shadowy powerful Jewish people – a classic anti-Semitic motive.

After the incident, West tweeted again for the first time in almost two years. Tech billionaire Elon Musk, who is currently attempting to take over Twitter, immediately celebrated the return on Saturday: “Welcome back to Twitter my friend!” he tweeted. In addition to the now-deleted post, West wrote several tweets on Saturday, in which he called for support for the protests in Iran, among other things.

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