What is the Arabian Dress “Bisht” for Lionel Messi?

Argentine Lionel Messi, who was at the peak of his career by winning the World Cup, was dressed in the trophy ceremony. What is Bisht?

The national symbol of Qatar, ‘Bisht’, was signed as a signature in world football history. Here are all the details and the secret of that outfit…

Having beaten France on penalties in the 2022 World Cup Final, Argentina declared its championship after 36 years… While experiencing the most memorable night of his career, the outfit worn by Lionel Messi, who completed the World Cup, the only missing piece of his collection, was the event. The 35-year-old world star, who completed the tournament by breaking records, met with an outfit among the curious eyes of the whole world when he went to the stand set up to receive the trophy.

A Pose That Will Go Down in History

At the ceremony held at the stadium, Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamed Al Sani and FIFA President Infantino dressed Messi as a local outfit ‘bisht’. Wearing a black, transparent robe-like outfit on his back, Messi then took the trophy and posed to go down in history with his friends.

However, everyone was talking about the outfit that Messi dressed and included in the ceremony in those iconic moments that will go down in Argentina and World football history. The award ceremony of the World Cup, which has become a subject of frequent debate, was also signed by Qatar and the wick of a new discussion was inflamed. So what was the purpose of that local dress called ‘besht’ and why was it specially dressed for Messi? Here are the curious details and the reflections on social media…

What is “Bisht”?

Bisht, also known as Bisht, is actually a clothing that is usually worn by Qatari men and symbolizes Arab culture. The garment produced from this fine fabric, which has different colors such as gray, black, brown, white and beige, is preferred especially by Arabs in the Gulf countries, and is frequently preferred on special and official occasions.

‘Bisht’, which is produced in the form of a robe in full length, is used on suits or as an addition to a different special outfit. In Qatar, which adheres to its traditions and customs, besht sees it as a part of national identity. Bisht is the most luxurious fabric for Arabs and they wear it only for a very loud celebration. If someone dresses you up, you have all the honor of it. It was a sign of honor to dress Messi in this outfit worn by ministers and important people on national days. The ‘Bisht’ or ‘Bisht’, a formal prestigious attire that sets you apart from the rest, is worn by high-ranking people at the Lusail Stadium as the final day is also the Qatar National Day.

The same outfit was worn on Sheikh Tamim bin Hamed Al Sani, Emir of Qatar, who went to the ceremony with Infantino. Because having Bisht means power, Argentina’s captain and leader Messi was dressed in this outfit, leaving an unprecedented moment in World Cup history.

Turkish users did not remain indifferent to the outfit that millions of people talked about on social media. The revelation of ‘bisht’ in the trophy ceremony, which will go down in history in the comments, most of which were covered by criticism, caused reactions.

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