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Ozhan Canaydin – The fake death news

In the afternoon, news had emerged that Ozhan Canaydin, the much respected ex-Galatasaray chairman had lost the battle to pancreas cancer.

Ozhan Canaydin applaus -nationalturk

The news had emerged in the Turkish media and swiftly jumped from a few TV channels to thousands of news websites.

A few hours after the news had first broke-out, General Director, Arzu Karataş, an official at the Bursa Acıbadem hospital denied the rumours and had said “Canaydın is still being treated for pancreas cancer but his condition remains critical, he is still alive.”

So what made the Turkish media suddenly announce the tragic news?

The National Turk researchers found the answer for this question.

From the information we received, Ozhan Canaydin who has been fighting with pancreas cancer had heart failure twice in the morning hours.

Canaydin was kept alive with the swift actions of the doctors, but is still in critical condition.

The much respected ex-chairman had saddened the Turkish sports community with his illness as it was only last year, when he was on sports programs aired on live TV talking of his beloved Galatasaray.

National Turk also found out that in the early evening hours, doctors were trying to lower the blood pressure of Canaydin as it was getting dangerously high.


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