Galatasaray vs Chelsea Match:Didier Drogba said no to the AKP candidate for mayor / CL News


The ruling party candidates wanted to use Galatasaray player Didier Drogba for local election campaign, but the hero just said no to this proposal.

Galatasaray’s star striker Didier Drogba, Beyoğlu Municipality’s AKP candidate for mayor Hasan Tahsin participate in the election campaign of the Master claims fell like a bomb on the agenda.

Mayor candidate selection team of Master definite future events Hurriyet said Drogba. African star players after the morning workout to your friends to not  join such an organization, Drogba said.

Eyup Municipality AKP candidate for mayor Hasan Tahsin Master’s election office made ​​from the allegedly with Chelsea will be vital before the match Drogba today, the presidential candidate with the master Eyup Square demystifying and fans the ball was going to sign.

According to information received, a businessman doing business with Africa Eyup Mayor candidate to Master Hasan Tahsin “I’ll bring Drogba” we guarantee. However, Ivory Coast player yellow-red team exercise held today in a statement after the organization announced that it would definitely not participate.

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