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Jerusalem: One dead and several injured in explosions

One person was killed in two suspected bomb explosions at bus stops in the greater Jerusalem area, and several were injured, some seriously.

The police are assuming a combined attack. / Jerusalem: One dead and several injured in explosions

At least one person has been killed in two explosions near the Israeli capital Jerusalem. A spokesman for the Zaka rescue service confirmed that a man had succumbed to his injuries in hospital. Several media reported at least 18 injuries. Four of them were seriously injured, according to the Israeli rescue service Magen David Adom.

According to the reports, two explosions occurred: one on the outskirts of Jerusalem near a bus stop used by many commuters. The second explosion happened in Ramot, a settlement in the north of the city. Here, too, the detonation took place near a bus stop.

Police suspect attack by Palestinians

The police are assuming a suspected combined attack, behind which they suspect Palestinian assassins, according to the AP news agency. Both explosions, which would have occurred at rush hour, were therefore triggered by explosive devices. As the dpa news agency reported, citing Israeli media, there are indications that the explosive devices were detonated remotely and, according to the Jerusalem Post, were said to have been filled with nails and screws. So far, no one has claimed responsibility for the alleged attacks.

In the past there have been repeated attacks by militant Palestinian organizations in Jerusalem. A wave of terror has killed 18 people in Israel since March. Also this year, several Israeli civilians and security forces were killed in attacks in the West Bank.

Explosions in Jerusalem: Lapid wants to comment

Outgoing Prime Minister Jair Lapid plans to hold an emergency meeting with police and military leaders later today.

Far-right MP and possible future minister Itamar Ben-Gvir spoke out in favor of a return to targeted killings as punishment in the face of the alleged attacks. “We must demand a price from terrorism,” he demanded. A right-wing government must be installed as soon as possible, because “terror does not wait”. Ben-Gvir could become Minister of Public Security with expanded powers over the police in the next government under Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu.

The US Embassy in Jerusalem and EU Ambassador Dimitar Zanchev condemned the renewed violence.

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