Kobe Bryant Cooks for Turkish Airlines

Kobe Bryant Cooks for Turkish Airlines

World-famous NBA star Kobe Bryant, who agreed with Turkish Airlines to promote Turkey’s national carrier, is cooking in a commercial.

In the footage distributed by the Turkish Airlines showing the backstage of the commercial, Kobe is not playing basketball — unlike expected — but he is cooking.

The filming of the commercial ahs been completed in Los Angeles and it will be aired in more than 80 countries in the first quarter of 2011. The advertisements will also appear on many other outlets including billboards, magazines, dailies and digital environment.

Late in December, Turkish Airlines signed a contract with Kobe Bryant, the three-time winner of the National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Star Game Most Valuable Player award, to appear in THY advertisements for the next two years.

The commercials with Bryant will be shown globally but that the focus of the campaign will be on the US market and on the Far East and the Middle East, where the player has more popularity.

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