New 3.0 CSL: BMW revives car legend

The quantity small, the price enormous: BMW unveils a strictly limited special model. / New 3.0 CSL: BMW revives car legend

The manufacturer is thus commemorating an earlier success – and celebrating an important anniversary. / New 3.0 CSL: BMW revives car legend

50 years of BMW M GmbH: The sports-oriented subsidiary stands for many milestones in BMW history – from the ultra-slim M1 of the 1970s to the powerful and expensive M variants of its current models. But the first feat was the 3.0 CSL. He is also 50 – and is being celebrated in a very special way by BMW.

Because the brand is giving a few selected fans a one-off gift – which they have to pay dearly for: a strictly limited edition of a new 3.0 CSL, handcrafted by specialists.

New 3.0 CSL: Limited to 50 copies

Especially since it weighs a relatively slim 1.6 tons thanks to some lightweight construction tricks such as body parts made of CFRP, a titanium rear silencer and carbon full bucket seats. Even the back seat was saved; instead there is a shelf for two helmets.

There is no official price information yet. But insiders speak of around 750,000 euros per piece. The hand-picked buyers should still do good business: BMW only wants to build 50 copies – and which is a rich increase in value in prospect.

BMW’s M department is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The final highlight of the anniversary is a new edition of the 3.0 CSL, 50 of which will be built.

SP-X/Munich. The 3.0 CSL, produced between 1971 and 1975, is one of the legendary models in BMW’s long car history. Now it comes to the limited new edition based on the M4 Coupé. As the 3.0 CSL, however, this base has been modified, made lighter and trimmed for more dynamics. BMW wants to produce 50 copies.

The heart of the 3.0 CSL is the three-liter straight-six known from the M4 Competition, whose output has been increased to 412 kW/560 hp. The power is sent to the rear axle, which is equipped with a limited-slip differential, via a manual six-speed gearbox with shift assistant. The lightweight construction measures include various body parts made of CFRP, titanium rear silencers or carbon full bucket seats on the inside. Instead of a back seat, the rear area offers storage with two helmet compartments. There are also ceramic brake discs with a diameter of 40 centimeters at the front and 38 centimeters at the rear, which are gripped by six-piston brake calipers painted red (at the front).

BMW does not name any driving performance for the 3.0 CSL. The power wedge, which probably weighs around 1.6 tons, should do the sprint to 100 in a good four seconds and crack the 300 mark.

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