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Propaganda date:North Koreas clown dictator Kim Jong Un called US soldiers as “cannibals” / Breaking News

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visits anti-US museum

With the US Kim Jong Un is known, can not do much. Now North Korea’s dictator took a visit to the museum to settle accounts with the enemy.

Kim Jong Un appears to be reasonably well again. The North Korean dictator had for a while allegedly fighting with foot problems. Therefore he was very rarely appear in the public. Now he is back, in a way, as we know it: the fight against the enemy.

Kim is now used a cultural institution to settle with the Americans. In Sinchon he visited a museum about US war crimes during the Korean War. The exhibition a massacre in the town of Sinchon shows that the US army consisted of “cannibals”, citing the state news agency KCNA the dictator. The soldiers had “fun slaughter”. North Korea accuses the US of having killed more than 35,000 civilians in Sinchon in 1950.

There is some evidence that it is the propaganda visit is a tit for tat. The Human Rights Committee of the UN General Assembly passed a resolution on Tuesday of last week, which could bring North Korea to the International Criminal Court. The Security Council is called in the text to instruct the resident of The Hague Tribunal with a case against Pyongyang.

The resolution must be in December, the plenary session of the UN General Assembly to pass what is considered a formality. The Security Council but could then Russia and China use its veto.

Basis of the resolution is a UN report, which describes in detail the system of North Korean prison camps with torture, executions and rape. On Sunday called North Korea’s supreme military body, the actions of the United Nations as a “declaration of war”. Supporters of the resolution Pyongyang threatened “catastrophic consequences” on.

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