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Spyware: US and British are said to have developed Trojans Regin / Breaking News

A logo of Belgium's telecom operator Belgacom is seen at an entrance of Belgacom headquarters in Brussels

The spy software Regin stunned security researchers. Well reported a revelation Platform: The Trojan has pried among other EU computer and the telephone company Belgacom – both espionage targets of NSA and GCHQ British.

Researchers from the IT security industry assume that both the NSA and the British intelligence agency GCHQ have the Trojan Regin used – among others cyberattacks on the phone provider Belgacom, on the Media last year reported on the basis of Snowden documents. From this assumption reported the unveiling website “The Intercept”.

The software Regin has been making headlines around the world Sunday night. It is a spotted by security firm Symantec, unusually complex spy software that were spied years companies, government agencies and research institutions, particularly in Russia and Saudi Arabia. The program was so expensive that only States as principal in question would, Symantec wrote. Also competitor F-Secure compares the software programs like Stuxnet and Flame.

To have been in use Regin first from 2008 to 2011, mainly in ten countries, including Belgium. In 2013, then appeared to be a new version of the software.

The Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab reported on Monday that it had found the software in Germany. Overall, we have found 27 destinations in 14 countries, the number of affected individual computer was much higher. As a concrete goal, the company calls the Belgian cryptographers Jean-Jacques Quisquater. Which was noticed in February 2014 that he was the victim of a cyber attack. Oldest software fragments according to Kaspersky go back to 2003. It is assumed that the spy network was still active.

“The Intercept” now reported with reference to industry sources, Regin was on infected computer systems and e-mail servers found by Belgacom. In addition, we have discovered the malware on the computer systems of the European Union, the NSA had in his sights. Until now, it was unclear what software had been used in the attacks.

Belgacom commented on Monday only to the general Regin revelations without confirming whether the software is found on their own computers. The NSA and GCHQ of refused to comment on the issue specifically.

As part of its coverage has “The Intercept” also provided excerpts from the malware into the net to investigate calling on professionals, software and analyze. The file is encrypted and can be combined with the password “infected” open. Symantec also published a detailed analysis for professionals.

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