Roman Abramovich plans takeover of Beşiktaş!

As initially reported by the English Mirror, billionaire Roman Abramovich plans to continue investing in football.

According to the English Mirror, the former Chelsea owner tends to invest in Beşiktaş. The oligarch has been in Turkey since the sanctions were imposed on him – and intends to remain there in the medium term.

Roman Abramovitch apparently wants to start a football club again. In the spring, the Russian billionaire was forced to forfeit his 19-year stake in Chelsea FC after the British government imposed sanctions on him in response to Russia’s war on Ukraine. As the Mirror reports, Abramovitch now wants to get back into the football business – preferably where the 56-year-old entrepreneur has been for some time: In Istanbul, more precisely in the Bebek district of the Beşiktaş district.

Abramovitch and Beşiktaş? At least at first glance, both parties would benefit from working together. Abramovitch would be fully capable of doing business in Turkey, which is not part of the EU and has not yet imposed any sanctions on Russian nationals, and would not have to fear any restrictions. Beşiktaş, which has been in financial difficulties for years and is highly indebted, would be praised for being a real windfall.

However, real details such as a purchase price are not yet known about a possible takeover of Abramovich at Beşiktaş. And the billionaire’s flirtatious investment in Turkish football isn’t really new either. As early as March, shortly after Abramovich had to resign from all offices at Chelsea and, among other things, he also moved his billion-dollar yacht to the port of Istanbul, rumors about a possible purchase from Göztepe Izmir made the rounds.

Speculations about a possible poison assassination attempt on Roman Abramovich

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