Beşiktaş manager Schuster wants Manchester City’s Robinho

Transfer News – The most controversial transfer saga of this summer is arguably with Brazilian superstar and Manchester City forward Robinho.

The Brazilian who transferred from Real Madrid to Manchester City in a multimillion deal seemed unhappy in North England and the bad relation with City manager Roberto Mancini added to the grief.

The 26-year-old who spent a large proportion of last season playing for Brazilian side Santos on loan is now in the middle of a transfer toggle of war.

The talented Brazilian who showed what he is capable of while representing his country at the World Cup 2010 in South Africa is wanted by many sides in the Premiership, La Liga, Bundesliga and the Turkish Super League.

It is not too much of a surprise the Brazilian was not very successful at City, as in my opinion he was only a signing to show the power of new owners of the club, the Abu Dhabi United Group.

It was almost as if the Arab billionaires were showing the world, “the new kids are on the block” amd they are here to turn the league and Europe upside down.

Well it did not work exactly to plan as no credible silverware were won by City, but they are slowlt but surely getting there.

Now Turkish side Beşiktaş are getting involved with the tug of war to get the Brazilian forward.

What puts this transfer in a very strong position is the fact that the new Beşiktaş manager Bernhard Schuster, had got good relations with Robinho as they worked together while the German manager and the Brazilian were at Real Madrid.

And while signings such as Guti and Ricardo Quaresma has made a big impact to the Turkish side, Schuster made signals to the Turkish teams chairma, Yıldırım Demirören for his request for Robinho.

The German manager whose comments were written on the official Beşiktaş website spoke of his delight of the performance of Quaresma and the competition which he and other new transfers have led to within the team.

Schuster also signaled for the signing of Robinho, saying “I want another forward in the team. I want a shorter player with technique that will suit Beşiktaş. I am confident that our chairman will do all in his power to make this possible.”

There is no argument that the German was referring to his old student Robinho and Beşiktaş are now rumored to make an improved bid for the Brazilian after Manchester City snubbed a first bid whish was worth roughly 18 million Euro.

We will see in due time what the future will tell us but should Robinho come to Turkish side Beşiktaş, you can be sure that championships, silverware and success will follow.

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  1. it is a shame that robinho worth less than 18 million as a besiktas fun i would love to see him when he plays for besiktas i assume that he will add lot of things but the worest case will be that he will start argument between besiktas players if he doesnt play well

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