Ryanair Strike: Thousands of passengers will be affected

Low-cost airline company Ryanair's employees in Belgium decided to strike during the New Year's holiday. / Ryanair Strike

More than 100 flights were canceled due to the strike. 19 thousand passengers will be affected by the strike. / Ryanair Strike

The strike by the staff of Ireland-based airline Ryanair will lead to the cancellation of 107 flights from Charleroi airport at the beginning of the year. About 19,000 passengers will be affected by the strike.

Belgium-based Ryanair crews will go on strike from December 30-31 and January 1, and January 7-8. Workers accuse the Irish company of paying below the Belgian national minimum wage.

The company had previously terminated its activities at Brussels Zaventem Airport at the end of September, due to the new taxes and new fees that Belgium imposed on the aviation industry.

The strike, carried out by the Belgium-based cabin crew, will affect flights departing from Belgium’s Charleroi Airport. Many flights will be cancelled, including Tenerife, Dublin, Malaga, Lisbon and Marrakech.

The crew announced their strike a few days ago. It is a matter of curiosity whether Ryanair will accept the demands, trying to find a solution to the issue and contacting the passengers affected by the strike.

Ryanair is canceling 128 flights over the weekend because Belgian cabin crew are on strike

Irish low-cost airline Ryanair is canceling 128 flights next weekend after Belgian cabin crew walked out to protest working conditions.

At the end of last week, unions at Irish low-cost airline Ryanair announced that Belgian cabin crew would go on strike. The strike will last a total of six days, spread over two weekends. From Friday, flight attendants will walk out until Sunday, with another strike taking place over the weekend of January 6-8.

Earlier this week, many passengers expressed their displeasure as they still didn’t know if they could fly this weekend. Ryanair had failed to inform its customers which flights were to be cancelled. For its part, Charleroi airport management estimated that more than 100 flights would be cancelled, but could not say which flights would be involved.

Ryanair has now made it clear: there are 128 flights that should have started or landed in Charleroi. Ryanair customers can find out exactly which flights are affected on the Charleroi Airport website; the affected passengers should have been informed by now.

Ryanair has cabin crew across Europe. But it’s only the Belgian stewards and stewardesses who are down from work. Flights with crews from other countries will take place as usual.

Not even minimum wage…

The Belgian cabin crew went on strike last summer. According to the unions, many of the flight attendants do not even earn the legal minimum wage. Negotiations have taken place since the strike, but unions say Ryanair is still breaking Belgian labor law.

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