Seat is on the verge of extinction as a car brand

While the Spanish sports brand Cupra is celebrating sales successes, Seat is increasingly sidelined. Now it's official: Seat will soon stop selling cars.

The statement in an interview by VW brand boss Thomas Schäfer on the sidelines of the IAA Mobility was not entirely surprising: “The future of Seat is Cupra,” he said.

There have been rumors for a long time that Seat is becoming more and more of a problem child – while the decoupled sports brand Cupra is celebrating more and more success. So now the official end for cars with the “S” lettering on the radiator grille. But the name will not disappear.

That happens with the Seat models

By 2030 at the latest, the cars with the Cupra logo will replace the traditional brand that has belonged to the VW Group since 1986. This is reported by the specialist magazine “Auto Motor und Sport”. Current models are to be produced until the end of their model cycle, and there are plans up to the late 2020s.

The compact models Ibiza and Arona should still get updates, according to the report the SUVs Ateca and Taraco could be taken off the market before that. And the Leon – once Seat’s successful model – could already be rolling out to customers in the next generation under the Cupra brand name.

Cupra is said to be a fully electric brand around 2030, with models like Raval or Tavascan. While Seat has had to reinvent itself several times – from the cheap brand in VW’s internal competition with Skoda to the development of cheap, sporty cars to the supplier of SUVs – Cupra was able to start on a blank sheet of paper and the topic of sportiness right from the start to emphasize In addition, it is said that the name of the young brand works better on the international market. One cannot afford to invest in both brands, said VW boss Schäfer – and Cupra has better market opportunities.

These plans exist for the Seat name

And seats? The brand will probably become more of a mobility service provider within the group. For example, there is the Seat Mó sub-brand for electric two-wheelers. Seat should also take care of topics such as “recycling, sharing, subscriptions and micro-mobility for young customers after 2030”, writes “Auto Motor und Sport”. It is also possible that Seat as a company will continue to build cars – but then for other manufacturers within the group.

While there are no new products from Seat to be seen at the IAA Mobility in Munich, the signs at Cupra are full throttle – or maximum excitement: 4.50 meters long, 2.20 meters wide and 1.30 meters high: these are the ones Key data of the Darkrebel, a show car with an extreme design. Suggestions were incorporated that Cupra fans could select in a configurator with 270,000 options.

The result is a two-seater battery-powered sports car with shooting brake characteristics, an angular design language and violet paintwork. The Cupra logo is featured on the rims, among other things. Inside, bucket seats and a sports steering wheel create a sporty atmosphere. The asymmetrical center console is geared towards the driver, with the glass gear knob attached to the center console. The interior materials consist of 90 percent biodegradable bamboo. There are no technical data on the engine and battery.


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