Skoda is recalling 50,000 cars

Warning, dangerous airbag... Skoda has to recall 50,000 vehicles worldwide because the passenger airbag can rupture if triggered. What those affected need to know now.

The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has announced a recall of 49,214 Skoda Fabias worldwide from the 2021 to 2022 construction period. The reason for the recall is a manufacturing defect that can cause the passenger airbag to rupture or not function properly when the airbag is deployed.

What is a recall?

Whether it’s food, medicine or household appliances: there are recalls everywhere. Products with a defect or malfunction are ordered back by the manufacturer. Spoiled food is disposed of and serious defects in cars are repaired. However, the spread of the recall in the media only reaches a small proportion of those affected. This is one of the reasons why car manufacturers are required by law to involve the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).

In Germany, 11,062 Skoda Fabias are affected by the recall. To date, no property damage or personal injury has been reported in connection with this problem.

Those affected should take the recall seriously

All owners of the affected vehicles will be contacted by the KBA and asked to take their vehicle to a workshop. The passenger airbag is replaced there to minimize any risk.

Who pays for the repairs?

As a rule, the manufacturer assumes the costs – be it because of his obligation to guarantee or after it has expired because he does not want to damage his image. However, customers have to be without their car for a day or two during the repair. You are not entitled to a replacement car.

The recall campaign at KBA runs under the reference number 013100, at Skoda under the code 69EU. In addition, Skoda has set up a hotline on 0800-4424244 for further information and assistance.

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