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Barcelona vs Ac Milan Champions League Highlights / Milan valiant, yet Barcelona too strong
04 Nisan, 2012 | 11:37
Barcelona vs AC Milan Champions League : Two penalties for Barcelona sealed the fate of Milan

Barcelona vs AC Milan Champions League : Two penalties for Barcelona sealed the fate of Milan

Barcelona Vs AC Milan 2012 UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals second leg saw a valiant AC Milan at Camp Nou, yet Lionel Messi’s Barcelona proved to be too strong yet again as Milan’s resistance shattered with two Messi penalties in a 3-1 win vs Barcelona. Highlights, Video

Barcelona / NationalTurk – FC Barcelona advanced to yet another UEFA Champions League semifinal becoming the first team to reach to five consecutive European Cup semi-finals after a rock-solid performance in the Barcelona vs AC Milan Champions League game at the Camp Nou. They’ve won three championships over the last seven years, victorious at final matchups against Arsenal in 2006 and Manchester United in 2009 and 2011. FC Barcelona were the much better side on the night of Barcelona vs Milan tie, and went through with a deserved win vs AC Milan by a 3-1 aggregate score.

Barcelona vs AC Milan Champions League : Two penalties for Barcelona sealed the fate of Milan

Barcelona were awarded two penalty kicks – the second one can be arguable – converted by a record breaking machine named Lionel Messi. Double penalties have shattered AC Milan’s resistance, which competed with Barcelona in the first half of Barcelona vs Ac Milan match very well but failed to look competent going forward after the 3rd Barca goal in the second half of Barcelona vs Ac Milan Champions League second leg clash.

Milan ‘s performance vs Barcelona should not be discredited at all but it was Barcelona who cruised to a 3-1 win over AC Milan, setting up a showdown with Chelsea or Benfica in the semifinal round of 2012 UEFA Champions League play. If there was any doubt on who the favorite should be, Barcelona ‘s ability to make AC Milan look pedestrian should abolish it. AC Milan played tentatively most of the Barcelona vs Ac Milan contest and had several unforced (or forced by Barcelona) mistakes. Two of Barcelona’s goals were results of unnecessary fouls, and a third miscue came when AC Milan had a chance to tie the score. They missed the net on an open shot on a one on one position. The story of their game can be summarized as ‘ too little, too late ‘.

Barcelona vs AC Milan : Messi the record breaking machine

Barcelona vs Ac Milan Champions League match night ended with songs and even an olé by the Catalans as the match slipped under Barcelona’s total control. However it had not always appeared comfortable, specially in the first half. Ex Barcelona striker Ibrahimovic had caused Barcelona defenders problems, there will be discussions about the second penalty given to Barcelona after Nesta tackled Messi after a late challange and, at least until Iniesta struck in the second half, this was a night in which the nerves invaded Camp Nou.

Ther 52nd-minute goal from Andrés Iniesta and the two previous penalties that gave Leonel Messi a whopping 14 Champions League goals for the season, breaking José Atalfini’s 50-year-old record, took them to a 3-1 victory vs Milan. And the added bonus is sweet too as Barcelona managed to do so without any suspension and without the returning big mouth Zlatan Ibrahimovic scoring against them.

Barcelona vs Ac Milan Highlights Video / Watch how Barcelona is superior to a good Milan side

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

The first spot kick was given for a clear-cut foul inside the box by Luca Antonini on Lionel Messi. The Blaugranas passed up a couple of shooting opportunities and probably should have scored from open play, but were bailed out by Antonini’s foul. Messi stepped up to the penalty spot and converted it with a fine shot Abbiati could not hope to save to give Barcelona the early lead.

Barcelona attempted to kill off the Barcelona vs Ac Milan game and sit on the ball for an extended period of time, but would be forced to become an ambitious side again in the 32nd minute, when Antonio Nocerino struck for Milan to equalize and put Milan suddenly  ahead on away goals. Javier Mascherano was responsible for the goal, letting Zlatan Ibrahimović beat him badly, then backing up before an Ibrahimović pass to Nocerino to keep the goal-scorer onside.

The second penalty in the Barcel0na vs Ac Milan game came in the 41st minute, and unlike the first, was a controversial one. Alessandro Nesta grabbed a fistful of Sergio Busquets’ jersey just before a corner kick and the Barcelona midfiedler went down. The referee sentenced for the penalty spot, and Milan were furious. Though Nesta certainly committed a foul, worse contacts before free kicks go uncalled in almost every game, and Barcelona captain Carles Puyol certainly pushed Milan’s Nesta before he pulled down Sergio Busquets. The penalty was given nonetheless, and Messi is too good to miss it. He stepped up to convert his competition-leading 14th Champions League goal in 2012.

Milan had a good chance to go through going into halftime, even with the two penalties conceded as the Barcelona vs AC Milan game continiued. Because of the 0-0 draw at the San Siro, Milan would have gone through with any scoring draw. They couldn’t find it though and allowed Barcelona to score again in the 53rd minute. The shot by Messi was blocked and bounced off by Milan defender Philippe Mexes, Andrés Iniesta waited cleverly too  be onside as the ball crossed directly in front of him and then pounced and put in the rebound to make it 3-1.

The Barcelona vs AC Milan tie was essentially over after 3rd Barcelona goal. Barcelona didn’t let Milan to fire their way back into the game at all,  the Rossoneri had just three attempts on goal in the entire game. While the refereeing at Barcelona vs AC Milan clash was very questionable independent of the penalties — Milan was given seven bookings to Barcelona’s two and 19 fouls to Barcelona’s nine — Milan had nothing going forward and made silly errors at the defending end of the game.

Lionel Messi had two goals for Barcelona, who managed 21 shots (eight on goal). AC Milan had just three.

Barcelona vs Ac Milan – Barcelona vs Real Madrid on the horizon anyone ?

The 0-0 draw in the first leg left the tie on an edge, making it so that a single goal either way meant the greatest of swings. It also appeared to pose a dilemma for Barcelona: go for goals or go for control? Pep Guardiola was adamant that his team would attack – “our objective will be to create chances” The reason was simple: Milan, he said, would score. There was little point in protecting a slender lead where a solitary moment could mean elimination. Possession was as important as ever but it had to be with an attacking purpose.

La Liga leaders and Barcelona arch-rivals Real Madrid could be waiting for Barcelona in the finals of 2012 Uefa Champions League. Real  Madris have their second game against weak APOEL Nicosia tomorrow after a commanding 3-0 trashing last week. Chelsea return to Stamford Bridge to host Benfica following a 1-0 away victory in the first leg of their Champions League quarterfinals matchup.

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  1. naftaly maina - 04 Nisan 2012

    barcelona vs real madrid is innevitable it will b a match to watch.hail messi the best footballer of all tyms

  2. ishan - 04 Nisan 2012

    ac millan rules

  3. Adole Amade - 04 Nisan 2012

    Can’t Barcelona win without controversial penalties and red cards. I used to think that Mourihno cries wolf until recently. The second penalty and open intimidation of AC Milan players by the referee is a shame to football

  4. Denis - 04 Nisan 2012

    Fuck the Referee He is a Bullock.Ass hole like he he has collected Bribe .He will get his pay fucking ass Hole

  5. Bruno Basson - 04 Nisan 2012

    looks like the short barcelona generals are unstopable.eish Iniesta

  6. Bruno Basson - 04 Nisan 2012 wish bra

  7. kojo - 04 Nisan 2012



  8. TAFIDA - 04 Nisan 2012

    losers always cries

  9. TAFIDA - 04 Nisan 2012

    barcelona,d best team in d world n Leo d best player in d history of d game.

  10. deepak - 04 Nisan 2012

    Two penalties are valid? see every one should look into this becz if this is fixed match then it will be very harmful for fans…!!

  11. deepak - 04 Nisan 2012

    Two penalties are valid? see every one should look into this becz if this is fixed match then it will be very harmful for fans…!! this is not fare

  12. SHODIPO OLAMILEKAN - 04 Nisan 2012


  13. Janelle - 04 Nisan 2012

    Thanks regarding supplying these kinds of well put together

  14. Courageous - 04 Nisan 2012

    The better team won yesterday… That 2nd penalty teaches ac milan a lesson now… Stop wetting the pitch at San Siro..They did it with Arsenal and did it again with Barcelona.. Ac milan will never win a champions league if they can’t play on a pitch if it is not wet… Congrats Barcelona and nice try Ac milan.

  15. BarcaForSure - 05 Nisan 2012

    As a Barca supporter I’m starting to question??? I wish these refs would open their eyes, and close there wallets! It seems these calls are coming to easy and too often! Dissappointed to be a Barca supporter!

  16. tunde bel biv - 05 Nisan 2012

    @barcaforsure. u are not a true barcelona fan. cos if u are,then you shd know that we were supposed to be given 2 penalties in the 1st leg, one for puyol and another for sanchez. so the second leg was the payday. hav u ever wondered why they “favour” us. the reason is that we are the best team in the world. so let other be the best team and fetch uefa and fifa good money, and they shall be rewarded accordingly just like brazil in the past. chelsea fans beware!!! cos your day of doom is at hand.

  17. lapart - 06 Nisan 2012

    the ref was a pencil in the hand of uefa.

  18. vojto hanko - 07 Nisan 2012

    L messi his best one fotballl

  19. vojto hanko - 07 Nisan 2012

    best L MESSI

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