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Sabor a Cuba Festival in Cuba
09 Şubat, 2012 | 18:22

Santa Lucia beach, in Camagüey, eastern Cuba, hosts from Feb 13 to 17 Sabor a Cuba Festival.

The festival, introducing to hosts and guests the national cultural traditions through the sun-and-beach choice.

The Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) says this 19th edition of the yearly international event, co-sponsored by MINTUR and Cubanacan Group, is a fiesta with nautical sports, dances and fine Cuban gourmet aimed at fomenting gusto for the 21 km (13 miles) of wide, white golden sandy paradise.

Inter-hotel competition to improve the contenders ratings forecast a luring recreational choices with a carnival presenting a Grand Prix consisting of seven-day free lodging for two, plus prizes to the Most Beautiful and Smartest Siren; Best Dance Choreograph (comparsas -in Cuba) and Best Chariot, Best Show, and Best Animation Team.

The massive event involves the Best Dinner and Best Lodging Awards for the winner among the hotels run by Grupo Cubanacan in Santa Lucia Beach: Amigo Mayanabo Club, Amigo Caracol Club, Gran Club Santa Lucia, and Brisas Santa Lucia.

Santa Lucia beach is 110 km north of Camagüey, third largest Cuban province 900 kilometers east of Havana and south the Old Bahamas Canal.

Its tranquil waters invite to practice boating, scuba-diving, fishing, submarine photo sessions, parasailing, water skiing (wakeboards, water-skiing, kneeboarding, and wake surfing, paddle sports, there is plenty of space for cruising boats and for anchoring, plus and sea and sun bath.

That explains the annual affluence of tourists and demand through out the world, especially from Europe.

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