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Canada knife attacks: Second suspect is dead

The second suspect, who is said to have committed the serious knife attacks in Canada with his brother, is dead. / Canada knife attacks

According to the media, he is said to have caused serious injuries himself. Shortly before, the police had announced his arrest. / Canada knife attacks

The second suspect, who has fled the past few days and is said to have helped commit the deadly knife attacks in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, is dead. Police said the suspect was hospitalized shortly after his arrest. There he was declared dead. Media had reported that the suspect is said to have self-inflicted injuries.

The circumstances of the death should now be investigated with the help of an autopsy, the police said. The man had previously been arrested in Saskatchewan near the city of Rosthern. The police had pushed his suspected stolen car off the road. The suspect was wanted in three states.

Brother’s body found

Police believe the suspect, along with his older brother, carried out the knife attacks on people at a total of 13 crime scenes on Sunday in the James Smith Cree First Nation Indigenous Reservation and in the village of Weldon. Ten people were killed and 18 injured. Most of the victims were members of the indigenous population. According to Saskatchewan Deputy Chief of Police Rhonda Blackmore, some of them appeared to have been targeted, while others appeared to have been attacked indiscriminately.

On Monday, police officers found the older brother’s body on the James Smith Cree Nation Reservation – near a house where officials were investigating. According to the police, the body had injuries that the brother probably could not have inflicted himself.

Suspect is already serving his sentence

The motive for the knife attacks is still unclear. Shortly after the crime, it became known that the brother, who had also died, had a longer criminal record. As the AP news agency reports, he was only released on parole in February after being sentenced to more than four years in prison for assault, robbery and other offenses. In addition, court documents show that the suspect stabbed one of the victims who was killed in the knife attacks last weekend seven years ago.

Canada Knife Attacks: At least 10 dead

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