Fans celebrate Erling Haaland’s new hairstyle

Erling Haaland's trademark is his long hair.

The professional soccer player styled this for training – and received numerous comments with it.

Soccer star Erling Haaland is known for his blonde mane of hair. He usually ties these together in a casual bun for the games. For a training session at his club Manchester City, however, he recently thought of a more sophisticated hairstyle.

“Viking mode activated,” writes the 22-year-old about a new snapshot on his Instagram account. In the photo you can see him playing the ball while running. Two braided pigtails swing behind the Norwegian.

This hairstyle, which the goalscorer doesn’t normally wear, is a topic of conversation in the comments column. Most followers like the look: “I like your hair”, “It’s so cute” or “Beautiful man”, among other things.

But others can’t help but crack jokes: “In Germany we don’t say Erling Haaland. We say: Pippi Longstocking.” Other users also draw a comparison to the main character in Astrid Lindgren’s world-famous children’s story.

Another netizen quipped: “You look like one of those German waitresses at Oktoberfest who yell at me as soon as I order a beer.”

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