Nazan Eckes warms up fans with bikini photos

Nazan Eckes looks back on the year 2022. However, primarily on her summery photos in swimwear. These ten looks are among the presenter's favorites.

RTL presenter Nazan Eckes is currently on vacation with her husband Julian Khol, and only recently shared a family photo. She announced the marriage-off just over two months ago. However, this does not appear in Nazan’s annual review. Because the TV star prefers to present his best summer outfits to his almost 365,000 Instagram followers.

Among other things, the hashtag “fit mom” is under the post. Each of these ten photos of the social media post suggests that this designation applies to Nazan Eckes. Already in the first photo you can see the moderator posing in a pink bikini. She also wears a wide-open kimono. The 46-year-old’s hair is unusually fluffy. The washboard abs are also not to be overlooked.

Other shots within the post also show how sporty the TV personality is. In one picture she stands in the sea, another shows her lolling on the coast. “Best of Summer 22”, writes the mother of two children under the post. You can also find hashtags like “fit mom”, “body positive” or “healthy life”.

“you device”

Nazan Eckes’ friends and fans are thrilled. “You device,” writes model Alena Gerber under the picture gallery. Ursula Karven posts two flame emojis in the comment column. A user writes: “I always admire how positive you are about all things.” One also reads: “Most beautiful woman with the best body on German television!”

But there are also isolated negative comments that accuse the moderator of conveying a wrong body image. “Honestly, you’re a great woman and I love watching you on TV. But do you need that? I think everyone in public is terrified of getting older. And then something like that happens.” Well, the majority of her fans seem to like the summer snaps.

Oktoberfest 2022: Nazan Eckes in black

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