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NATO summit in Wales: USA call tens coalition against “Islamic state” / Breaking News


The United States wants coordinated action against the IS-terrorists in the Middle East. At the NATO summit in Wales Secretary of State John Kerry has now proclaimed a coalition against the jihadists – with UK, France and Germany.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has declared a coalition against terror group “Islamic State” (IS). This “core” coalition should therefore ten members, the Kerry calling for accession: In addition to the United States Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Canada, Australia and Turkey have been.

“We have to attack them to prevent them conquer more territories,” Kerry said. Iraq should be supported in his fight against the IS as well as other forces in the region, “who are prepared to take it with them”. However, participation of NATO ground troops he graduated from – this was a “red line” for all involved.

How exactly an action by the NATO states could look to the IS, Kerry left open. However, a plan to combat the militia should be placed before the next UN General Assembly in September, he said.

NATO summit in Wales: British PM David Cameron condemns “barbaric acts”


British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the heads of state and government of NATO would have the “barbaric and despicable” acts of Dschihadistengruppe unanimously condemned. The threats of the Islamists “will only strengthen our resolve to defend our values​​,” he said.

U.S. President Barack Obama for some time already looking for partners for an alliance against the IS, the United States sliding for weeks in an intense commitment to the region. The U.S. Air Force has flown more than a hundred attacks on IS-positions in northern Iraq. Germany had decided last arms sales to the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and sent, among other anti-tank missiles in the region.

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