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Real Madrid invites Besiktas Istanbul for preseason friendly

Besiktas Real Madrid : Good Relations through Jorge Mendes
Besiktas Chairman Demiroren with Ronaldo

Besiktas Istanbul gets an invitation from Real Madrid for a preseason friendly match at Santiago Bernabeu.

Besiktas Istanbul drew quite an attraction last season, when the turkish giants made star signings like  Ricardo Quaresma, Simao Sabrosa, Hugo Almeida and ex Real Madrid captain Guti Hernandez. Last season Besiktas also put ex Real Madrid manager Bernd Schuster in the managing seat.

Although the outcome in success wasn’t as brilliant as the transfers themselves, Besiktas Chairman Yildirim achieved one of his ultimate goals : To make Besiktas Istanbul a renowned football team and raise the popularity and reputation of the club.

Besiktas Real Madrid : Good Relations through Jorge Mendes ?

Chairman Demiroren is known to have a good relations with prominent footballer agent Jorge Mendes, who in fact is the agent of many Real Madrid and Besiktas players, including the star Christiano Ronaldo. Besiktas Chairman Yildirim Demiroren and Christiano Ronaldo are also good friends, since the duo plan to build a hotel in Portugal as partners.

Real Madrid turkish players, ex Real Madrid captain Guti : Good assets for Real Madrid Besiktas Friendly Game

Turkey midfielder Hamit Altıntop joined last month German-Turkish compatriots Nuri Şahin and Mesut Özil at Spanish powerhouse Real Madrid, increasing the number of players of turkish origin to three.

With these connections between both clubs its not suprising that Real Madrid chairman Florentino Perez ve manager Jose Mourinho find it fitting to invite the turkish side Besiktas to Madrid for a preseason friendly game, where Guti Hernandez could meet Real Madrid fans, who still adore their ex-captain, where Real Madrid ‘s turkish players have the opportunity to play against their compatriots.


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