Oktoberfest 2022: Nazan Eckes in black

Nazan Eckes completely in a black dirndl: the designer explains the trend. Oktoberfest 2022

On the first Oktoberfest 2022 weekend, presenter Nazan Eckes wore a black dirndl with a black lace blouse. The Oktoberfest trend 2022? Designer Manfred May explains.

The Oktoberfest is in full swing after a two-year Corona break. Dirndl and lederhosen are now being dug out of the closets again. After a long time without folk festivals and Oktoberfest, many treat themselves to new equipment.

Nazan Eckes in Oktoberfest 2022

A question quickly arises: “What’s currently in?” If you look around at the Wiesn, you will find that pretty much everything is allowed. From short dirndls with lots of glitter and frills to traditional, high-necked dirndl dresses without a neckline.

Nazan Eckes was particularly noticeable among the celebrities. She appeared completely in black at the Oktoberfest: From the shoes to the blouse and apron to the dirndl dress itself. She even wore black earrings. She only brought some color into play with her flower hair accessories.

Completely black clothing for a carefree evening at the Wiesn? For the designer Astrid Söll, that’s perfectly fine and for Söll she’s right on trend. Above all, she emphasizes the black lace blouse. “Black is elegant and can be perfectly combined with shoes and bags. It’s going brilliantly for us. However, already at the Oktoberfest 2019,” she told the “Bild”. At the Wiesn, apart from Nazan Eckes, you only see a few women who do the same and are completely in black. Is black really the Oktoberfest trend for 2022?

Dirndl trend: tone-in-tone is popular

Designer Manfred May from Munich has a different opinion. “The trend isn’t that everything about the look is black. Dirndls are currently in trend that are tone on tone,” he explains in an interview with FOCUS Online and shows an example of a blue dirndl with a blue apron and blue lace blouse.

He himself relies on pastel shades in his goods “because they simply bring a positive attitude to life”. Three-piece suits are also in high demand at the moment: a dirndl skirt, lace bodysuit and jacket. During the Oktoberfest, May runs two pop-up stores near the Theresienwiese. Walk-ins and tourists make up the majority of its customers. He sells his fashion in the shops, but also buys additional clothing.

The 57-year-old had problems offering enough goods, especially for the men. “It was really, really hard to get socks, shoes or shirts. Everything was sold out,” he reports. But he is happy that the traditional costume dealers can now continue after the Corona break. “It’s just fun to see how excited people are about fashion.”

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